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How an MSP can deliver technology to customers and build recurring revenue

February 28, 2022

How an MSP can deliver technology to customers and build recurring revenue
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To succeed, MSPs must stay ahead of constant changes in an evolving channel landscape. Part of that challenge is attracting and retaining technical talent to address customer needs—and that’s where Collabrance can help.
Shelby Skrhak talks with Hannah O’Donnell, director of sales at Collabrance, and Melanie DelValle, director of customer finance at Ingram Micro, about:
  • How Collabrance helps MSPs
  • How to know when it’s time to outsource
  • How Ingram Micro provides support to MSPs
  • Sales strategies of successful MSPs


Collabrance is a master managed service provider with a number of different offerings, including their live-answer white label service desk which helps MSPs cater to their customers’ needs.
Think of them as an MSP for MSPs.
They aim to solve one of the most common challenges for MSPs: finding and retaining technical talent.
“It’s hard to find good folks, and technical people, especially,” Hannah says.
The pandemic has only made it worse. Keeping up with all of these challenges has been a resource drain for MSPs.
“Ultimately, our goal is to really focus on helping MSPs free up their time,” Hannah says, “so that they can scale their business and focus on higher revenue-generating work.”

Knowing when it’s time to outsource

It comes down to bandwidth. Does your team have enough internally to keep up with demands as you scale?
If your answer is yes, then it’s time to consider outsourcing.
“Ultimately, as a business owner, if you're not able to sit down and spend time focusing on your business versus in your business, then you should really be considering outsourcing a certain aspect of your business,” Hannah says.

Ingram Micro support

One pushback Collabrance often gets when they broach the topic of outsourcing is affordability.
But according to Melanie, “when you say you can’t afford to outsource, I would challenge that and say you can’t afford not to.”
Though there may be a high upfront cost, outsourcing provides the ability to have immense back-end profitability. It gives you the extra hands necessary to scale your business effectively.
Ingram Micro provides support for that endeavor in two ways:
  • Technology: Managing certifications and leveraging vendor relationships to provide training material and develop right-fit solutions
  • Finance: Providing financial tools that help partners manage a recurring revenue landscape, including the ability to finance managed service agreements

Successful sales strategies

It can be difficult to keep up with evolving customer needs on your own. But with the help of the right partners, you can capitalize on the opportunity that presents and leverage it to scale your business.
The most successful MSPs are creating a technology roadmap to ensure that they keep up with customer needs.
“They are the ones that are doing the due diligence upfront, so that they can truly sell a solution to that customer that's going to meet their needs,” Hannah says.
This has resulted in recurring revenue, ensuring long-term profitability for the near future and beyond.
Email Melanie or visit Ingram Micro's financial solutions for more information.
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