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How an IT pioneer launched his own business

January 17, 2020

How an IT pioneer launched his own business
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It’s true—IT pros usually aren’t famous for their sales and marketing skills.
But that shouldn’t stop tech experts from building their own business when they see the opportunity to do so.
It certainly didn’t stop the founder of Integrated Technology Systems NYC, Michael Coopersmith. In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, guest host James Carbary of Sweet Fish Media catches up with Michael to talk business at Ingram Micro’s ONE event.
The two discuss:
  • How Michael went from IT pioneer to owner of a multimillion-dollar company
  • Michael’s approach to keeping data secure for SMBs
  • How being an Ingram Micro partner has helped Michael’s business succeed

From techy teen to business owner

At just 16, Michael found himself on the executive floor of the distribution company his mother worked at. He’d always been interested in computers, so when teenage Michael was searching for a gig, he fell into a job working mainly in Lotus 1-2-3.
Once he graduated from college with a degree in accounting, Michael worked for an accounting firm. He couldn’t help but notice that all of the computers at the firm were siloed, each with its own separate collection of data.
Michael took it upon himself to connect all the equipment in order to consolidate all of the information. Hearing of this technological feat, clients began asking Michael if he’d do the same for them.
Realizing that he could start a business of his own and his mild disinterest in accounting, Michael incorporated Integrated Technology Systems NYC.

Serving SMBs 

After years of operating the business on his own, Michael became aware that he needed some sort of sales and marketing services, as many IT providers do.
"For the first 10 or 12 years, I never thought about sales or marketing." - Michael Coopersmith
Although he didn’t know the first thing about developing a marketing campaign, Michael soon found value in joining the local chamber of commerce and attending networking events.
Sales and marketing services gave way to the opportunity for Integrated Technology Systems NYC to scale up. Now, the IT provider employs 12 people and grosses $3 million a year.
Michael’s primary clients consist of small to midsized law firms, financial service providers, accounting firms, and nonprofits. He points out that the culture around corporate security has shifted to a more collaborative approach. With it come two main factors: 
  1. Integrated Technology Systems NYC needed their own culture of security. Michael notes that this took his team about a year to fully accomplish.
  2. They then had to understand the conversation that they needed to have with clients. There needed to be a sense of collaboration because ITS NYC couldn’t take all the responsibility of information security on their shoulders.

Succeeding with Ingram Micro

Michael points out that by partnering with Ingram Micro and joining its SMB alliance, ITS NYC has been able to develop critical relationships within the tech community. Besides, that’s what Michael has always put first in business: relationships.