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Hindsight and forecasting: What to look for in 2021

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January 08, 2021

Hindsight and forecasting: What to look for in 2021
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It’s what most helped us survive in 2020.
In one word, what is the most valuable resource for 2021? Relationships.
In this episode, host Keri Roberts interviews Jim Veraldi, VP, Data Center Solutions at Ingram Micro, about lessons from 2020 and vision for 2021.
Jim also tells us about:
  • His passion for data center solutions
  • Why solution selling is the future
  • Tips and insights for resellers in 2021
“What I learned I could summarize in the relationships we have. The partnerships that we forged over the many years became critical.” — Jim Veraldi

Lessons from 2020

Our relationships are key, especially when things are tough. The way we went to vendors looking for advice or partners came to us looking for advice—we could compare notes on how we were dealing with critical issues.
Jim told the story of going to one of his large, trusted partners and asking them to take their business elsewhere for about 6 weeks until they right-sized their team and got back to their SLAs. That was an extremely difficult decision in April and May, but the partner came back in June. It just shows how, even in incredibly difficult times, we work together with partners to make sure we are ultimately satisfying end user needs.

Solution selling in 2021

Beyond relationships, one trait that will stand out in 2021 is solution selling. It’s not just a bunch of hardware or software. It’s hardware, software, cloud, services, all rolled into one.
The consumption model goes beyond just having all the pieces. It means also supplying technology consultants, solution architects and training across different vendor lines. It means financial solutions and business intelligence.
Jim shared the essential question for resellers in 2021: “How do I bring value to my customers? How do I bring an experience to them, not just a solution?”

The Fast Five

Jim answered five rapid-fire questions dealing with 2020 and the future of technology.
Q: What are the biggest benefits that you see for vendors in the President’s Club?

A: Visibility to our sales associates and visibility for our executives.

Q: What was the most inspirational reading/listening of this year?

A: I’m an avid reader of The Wall Street Journal and listener of NPR’s Planet Money and Animalia
Q: What was your favorite show or movie that you binge-watched this year?

A: Tiger King was eerily addictive.

Q: What would you say was the biggest lesson that you learned either personally or professionally in 2020?

A: Wi-Fi matters. Got to have good Wi-Fi.

Q: In one word, where do you see technology going within the next year?

A: AI.

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