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Helping Your Sales Team Succeed in the New Year

How are you keeping your sales team motivated?

January 07, 2021

Helping Your Sales Team Succeed in the New Year
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A new year brings new challenges but also new opportunities. Enterprise and SMB sales teams can leverage possibilities in 2021 as long as they have the needed resources and support.

In episode 163, Keri speaks with Ingram Micro’s VP of US Sales, Susan O’Sullivan (also featured in episode 35). The pair discuss:

  • The essential sales insights partners can gain from the President’s Club
  • How Ingram Micro supports partners now and in the future
  • How to keep your sales team motivated going into 2021 

“The more visible you are, the better off you’re going to be. When you’re talking to customers, you sell what you know. And if you know that, it’s much easier.” — Susan O’Sullivan


Supporting Partners Going Into 2021

Surviving 2020 is a testament to a business’s resiliency and agility. Now, Susan and the team at Ingram Micro are implementing ways to help partners thrive in 2021.

The President’s Club: This Ingram Micro organization helps vendors increase their visibility exponentially. More visibility means sales associates are more likely to understand your products and how they fit into larger solutions. So, they’re going to be more comfortable speaking about your products to customers.

Checking in: Susan and her peers at Ingram Micro have been checking in on their teams a little extra this year. Going into 2021, sales leadership plans to continue regular check-ins, town hall meetings, entertaining events, and fundraising for nonprofits to keep spirits and motivation high.

Full solutions and services: Ingram Micro has been consistently working on creating fuller solutions and more robust services for its partners. Partners who have leaned on Ingram Micro have changed the way their end users view them. This partnership has led to more opportunities and scaled growth, even during a pandemic.

Cost optimization: Sales leadership understands that budgets are tight and new investments need to be thoroughly assessed. Fortunately, Ingram Micro offers a wide variety of financing options, allowing partners to grow their portfolios at a comfortable pace.


The Fast Five

Susan answered five rapid-fire questions dealing with 2020 and the future of technology.

Q: What are the biggest benefits that you see for vendors in the President’s Club?

A: Visibility. The more visible you are, the better off you’re going to be. When you’re talking to customers, you sell what you know. And if you know that, it’s much easier.


Q: What was the most inspirational book that you read this year?

A: Becoming by Michelle Obama. I also read a book called Shift Happens.


Q: What was your favorite show or movie that you binge-watched this year?

A: Vera, Hinterland, and I got to finish Vikings.


Q: What would you say was the biggest lesson that you learned either personally or professionally in 2020?

A: 2020 was a year of change. I also think it was the year it was okay not to be perfect. If your dog barks in the middle of a conference call, it’s okay. I think it humanized us all. I think it made us realize we don’t have to be perfect workers, but to show up and do the best you can do that day is all anybody could ask for.


Q: In one word, where do you see technology going within the next year?

A: As-a-service for edge.


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