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Healthcare innovation and best practices

May 13, 2020

Healthcare innovation and best practices
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The healthcare industry is changing rapidly.  
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Global Healthcare Practice Lead Chris Sullivan shares how Zebra Technologies is making the healthcare industry safer, more efficient and more accurate. Chris is a worldwide public policy advocate for the role technology plays in improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care, and is an active contributor to healthcare industry education best practices and innovative learning.

He also discusses:

  • How point-of-care technology is increasing patient satisfaction in hospitals
  • Success stories of health systems implementing Zebra technology
  • How Zebra is investing in emerging technologies like AI and robotics
  • Why it’s important to be involved in your local healthcare organizations
"Barcodes in healthcare are creating accuracy which creates safety." — Chris Sullivan

Barcodes in healthcare

Although barcodes may sound insensitive in the same context as patients, they’re actually extremely helpful and make processes more personable.
In fact, there are numerous scenarios in which barcodes make healthcare processes safer, more efficient and more accurate.
Barcodes being used in healthcare:
  • Medications and pharmaceuticals
  • Medical device management
  • Blood management
  • Specimen management
  • Patient administration
The barcode innovations Zebra Technologies continues to develop will act as a stepping stone for more advanced applications to be layered on top.

Point-of-care technologies

Another solution Zebra is focused on is point-of-care technology.
It’s no longer relevant to have one central desktop in a healthcare facility. Administrators need mobile devices to enter patient data when they’re…
  • In the same room as the patient
  • By the patient’s bedside
  • In an ambulance
  • In a drive-through testing center
Having accessible technology increases…
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Face-to-face time with patients
  • Safety
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
This also improves the healthcare professionals’ satisfaction and well-being.

Success stories

Zebra Technologies shares the following success stories: 
  • One American 30 (is this number supposed to be here?) hospital health system reported zero specimen collection errors after implementing Zebra solutions, the first in their history.
  • An Australian health system implemented Zebra’s mobile devices and increased the amount of time nurses were able to spend at patient bedsides by 15%. This results in happier nurses, a better patient experience and higher care quality within the hospital.
  • A second American hospital system reported $900,000 in savings in operating costs and labor efficiencies after investing in Zebra RTLS solutions. 
It’s safe to say Zebra Technologies is making a powerful and positive impact on the healthcare industry with their unique solutions.

Getting Involved

Only 3 out of every 100 Americans donate blood. These stats are from before the events of April 2020. Needless to say, resources in the medical field have been limited to provide adequate patient care security. This is why Zebra has dedicated its efforts to the Red Cross, financially as well as with time and technology. 
Chris has personally stepped up in his local healthcare community with industry leadership experiences, serving as a board of director member and quality control committee chairperson at Swedish Covenant Hospital, board chairperson for the Healthcare IoT Community Organization, and board member for the Healthcare Supply Consortium.
“One of the things that we all share is the opportunity to help healthcare.”— Chris Sullivan

What’s in the future?

Technology in healthcare follows the trends of technology overall but tends to trail behind. That’s why Zebra is trying to advance beyond these legacy technologies and drive towards AI with investments in hardware as well as software. In the past 18 months Zebra has made advancements in: 
  • A smart label company to monitor temperature variance using chemistry
  • Predictive data analytics
  • Video analytics and AI around visual activities to adjust smart workloads
  • Ruggedized tablets to advance the point-of-care technologies
  • Robotics for hands-free technologies
With trends moving to home health and preventative health, secure advancing technologies are going to be key.

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Zebra has a long relationship with the Red Cross and recently made a substantial donation to help combat the lack of blood donations. See how Zebra Technologies is empowering frontline heroes.
To find out more about Zebra, you can contact Ingram Micro’s Kathleen Mowery.