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Gaining a competitive advantage with Intel’s Data Center Solutions Group (DSG)

December 27, 2021

Gaining a competitive advantage with Intel’s Data Center Solutions Group (DSG)
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In a multi-vendor world, you can gain a competitive advantage by partnering with Intel’s Data Center Solutions Group.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Chris Creech, senior technical account manager at Ingram Micro, about:
  • What the DSG is tasked with
  • How the role of data centers has changed
  • Why the data centers of the future are platform-agnostic and vendor-agnostic
  • What’s new in 2022 for the DSG


The DSG is a branch of Intel’s data center platform division. The group is tasked with dreaming up some of the great engineering innovations that Intel brings to market.
“It’s a place where Intel technologies come together into a real solution that then can be purchased on its own,” Chris says.
Think of it as a proving ground for Intel’s technology—a place where they’re developing software around technology to enable customers to fulfill their needs.

Role of data centers

The ultimate role of data centers has not changed. It is still the primary place where the largest, most important chunks of data get processed.
What has changed is the importance of them and how they connect to the individual.
“The truth is that so many things are running through the cloud that the cloud data centers are more important than the traditional data centers out there,” Chris says.
Intel has recognized this sea change, and as a result, they are selling more of their hardware components to cloud companies like hyper scalars, Azure and AWS.
The purchasing behavior of those hyper scalars is the best indication of this evolution.
They’re not buying tier one traditional OEM solutions. Instead, they’re seeking out commodity-based systems so that they can stretch their dollar and rearrange the way data center architectures are built.

Vendor agnostic

There are multiple pieces of IT infrastructure in a data center—the actual power equipment, the servers, the networking. To manage that whole ecosystem, you need tools that will give you a view into them.
Traditionally, that has meant a different tool for each piece of the infrastructure.
However, Intel has a solution called Intel Data Center Manager (DCM) that is vendor-agnostic and will help data center admins manage a multitude of different products in one place.
“You’re saving yourself time, you’re saving yourself money, and you’re allowing one person to deal with all of that,” Chris says.
The DCM is a great example of a solution that has been developed by the DSG.

New in 2022

The DSG is working on many new offerings for 2022:
  • Expansion of their hardware platform portfolio
  • Expanding into HPC
  • New massive, multi-parallel-processing-capable systems
  • Making systems that are geared more toward cloud or VDI
 “It’s just more: more customer-focused solutions, more use case white paper developments, solution guides, all of that, and they are doubling down on their focus,” Chris says.
For more information, contact Chris.
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