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Future-proofing curriculum and connectivity: esports and modern education

July 22, 2022

Future-proofing curriculum and connectivity: esports and modern education
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Arenas are being constructed. Massive competitions are being streamed. Scholarships are being granted to recruit the best players. Esports is emerging in a league of its own.
Esports are beginning to permeate sports culture, which doesn’t exclude the modern education systems.
Whether a club team or a fully funded competition team, schools across the country are employing. The same technology is also being utilized to create better curriculum engagement in the K–12 environment.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Mike Stachura, national account manager at LG, about:

  • What sets esports apart
  • The role of athletic departments in technology implementation
  • How LG is supporting esports

How esports is different from hobby play

Just like professional football looks different than tossing a ball in your back yard, esports is different than casual play.
Mike explains, “It's about community. The teamwork, the collaboration and having your skill set shine in a particular position.”
Esports requires skill, practice and collaboration. With expanding networks allowing competition worldwide, competitors are challenged to the highest degree to find who is the best of the best.
School systems across the country have taken advantage of the remote benefits of esports. Now, they are utilizing esports and new tech to elevate curriculum and increase overall student engagement throughout daily learning.

Athletic departments are investing in new tech

Once upon a time, it was the responsibility of school technology departments to advocate for new technology. As esports has grown, school athletic departments have largely taken the reins on technology acquisition.
Competitors and coaches are looking for better response times, fewer cases of lagging and unique technology that allows for teams to compete fairly. Great technology is paramount to competitor success. However, it also fuels success across the educational front.
The hardware utilized in esports also serves as a foundation for new opportunities in learning and teaching.
Improved esports experience can lead to increased student engagement.

LG’s role in esports elevation worldwide

 The technology utilized by schools goes beyond monitors and screens. Each product investment should match the needs that align specifically with esports or the curriculum.
LG has focused heavily on developing the ideal products for these applications. Some examples include:

  • Faster response and refresh rates
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility
  • HDR 600
 On top of technology capabilities, LG provides solutions that improve overall game immersion. This increase in overall immersion shifts the experience of esports and learning. This allows learners to develop skills in areas and modalities that previously were not refined.
“You see schools building arenas in the digital world,” Mike says, “now you have a digital space to have that in-person feeling without the barriers of social interaction.”
For more information, email mike.stachura@lge.com

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