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From solution to outcome: a shift in sales mindset

April 15, 2022

From solution to outcome: a shift in sales mindset
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How many times have you walked into a store to get materials for a project, only to get home and realize that what you thought you were building wasn’t actually what you intended to build?
Welcome to the world of outcome-based selling.
Rather than showing up with a list of requirements, you’re putting the end outcome at the forefront of your plan and selling accordingly.
How can it help your business?

Listen to Jeffrey Barnhart, Josh Humphrey, Fernando Samorinha and Eric Hembree talk about:

  • The Home Depot approach to outcome-based selling
  • Why outcome-based selling is so valuable
  • The challenges of, and Cisco’s solutions to, outcome-based selling
  • Where they see technology going in the next year

What is outcome-based selling?

Picture walking into Home Depot.

You’ve got a list in your hands of the 20 items you need to purchase for a project that you’re hoping to get done. You’re only interested in those items, because as far as you know, those are the only ones you need.
Now picture walking into the same Home Depot, but rather than a list of items, you’ve got an end project in mind. The ultimate renovation. You’ve planned it out down to the detail, changed your list a hundred times and realized that what you initially wanted to build wasn’t what you really wanted.
This is outcome-based selling.
You’re showing up with a problem that needs solving, rather than a list of parts you need.

Why outcome-based is so valuable

The biggest problem the industry faces is the IoT VARS, or value-added resellers. They’re struggling to help industrial networks and IoT opportunities.
Outcome-based selling is helping build capabilities for IoT VARS to step in, work with Ingram Micro to build outcome-based solutions and go-to-market capabilities in the uncarpeted OTT space, and bridge the gap for customers.

How Cisco is helping

When you think of Cisco, you should think of the network connectivity, as well as the security practices they’re known for.
When it comes to IoT, Cisco is manufacturing and building a set of particular products for the hardened industrial space, both hardware as well as the software to monitor and back that hardware up.
By coupling Cisco networking and security technologies with Ingram Micro’s robust portfolio, partners now have a competitive advantage when it comes to networking and security needs.
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