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Flexible payment options for SMB end customers in Canada | Global Series

May 07, 2021

Flexible payment options for SMB end customers in Canada | Global Series
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Sixty-one percent of end customers expect their technology provider to offer financing options or payment plans. It’s important for SMB resellers to equip themselves to have that conversation.
In episode 203, Logan Lyles speaks with Bill Brandel, Senior Vice President and Country Chief Executive, and Kelly Carter, Chief Financial Officer, both from Ingram Micro Canada, about:
  • Top challenges and opportunities for the SMB market in Canada in 2021
  • Flexible finance options for SMB resellers
  • Determining what options are right for you
  • How resellers can effectively present financial solutions

SMB market in Canada - 2021

Project-based business has started to pick up along with the resurgent need for hybrid data centers. Despite the challenges of 2020, the adoption of hybrid data centers and the growth of cloud business have been a bright spot.
In addition, sales for the SMB customer base grew 35% year over year and some even doubled their business.
To help SMB customers grow, Ingram Micro Canada has invested in the creation of a dedicated SMB division.

Flexible financial options

“When you look at the SMB market,” says Kelly, “they need credit capacity.”


One solution is DirectExpress.
“DirectExpress is a really easy way for our partners to bring us a deal that they have where their end user is actually the one we qualify for credit,” says Kelly.
DirectExpress ensures that customers do not have to worry about credit capacity or how small they are. They can go out and get any deal.

Flexible credit terms

Ingram Micro also offers extended terms as well as flexible financing solutions that provide long-term options.

Determining what option is right for you

Talk to your customers to learn what their goals are and how they would like to finance the transaction. Then bring that information to your Ingram Micro representative.
They can walk you through the options that would best fit not only what the end customer wants but what you’re hoping to gain from the transaction.
“We’re not just looking at partners’ credit history,” says Bill. “We’re looking at their potential, we look at their business plan, we understand what they’re trying to do, we understand who the end users are … and then we create a financial package or solution for each unique partner.”

Presenting financial solutions to end customers

Resellers need to ensure it’s an outcome-led discussion where they clearly articulate the value they bring to the solution.
When the conversation moves to the CFO, it’s time to discuss the different payment options that you have made available to them.
When you present those options to customers, they see you differently—as a value-added partner.
Visit Ingram Micro Canada’s SMB Alliance Hub and the Ingram Micro Canada blog for more information.