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Flexibility and agility: The revamped IBM reseller program

December 03, 2021

Flexibility and agility: The revamped IBM reseller program
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This isn’t your father’s IBM.
Although the hallmarks of IBM remain the same, the company continues to adapt as the marketplace evolves. Recently, that has included some exciting changes to the IBM Reseller Program.
Shelby Skrhak talks with Susan Martens, global managing director for Ingram Micro at IBM, and James Pickett, sr. solutions sales executive, and Lindsay Corbett, solutions development executive, both with Ingram Micro, about:
  • How IBM has both changed and remained the same
  • What IBM’s agility means for resellers
  • How IBM emphasizes value for all

IBM’s evolution

Trust has always been a hallmark of IBM, since back when the company was working on the Apollo launch with NASA, and that trust persists to this day.
However, the company has changed in many ways—a necessity in an evolving marketplace—and it continues to bring exciting new technology to market.
“We’ve had to change,” Susan says. “We’ve had to become more flexible, more agile, and more nimble to continue to be a fierce competitor in this space.”


As part of an effort to embrace agility, IBM revamped their entire reseller program.
In the past, a partner would have to disclose their revenue or acquire a whole slew of certifications to become an IBM reseller.
But now, it’s become a whole lot easier. With assistance from Ingram Micro, onboarding with IBM has become more painless and speed to value has become quicker.
“IBM has a solution for you to come on board in a matter of days, ramp up quickly, and help a reseller take on that portfolio and be successful in a short time,” James says.
How exactly does Ingram Micro help?
“Our team takes the time to have introductory calls and ask insightful questions about a business to really customize a go-to-market strategy that’s unique to what their customers need and help them stand out in the partner ecosystem,” Lindsay says.

Value for all

IBM’s big focus revolves around the idea of value for all—for clients, for partners and for IBM.
“It's not just that IBM wins the business, it's not just that our partner wins the business, or that our client gets the solution,” Susan says, “it’s that we all are driving towards value for each one of the pieces of the triangle.”
The overarching goal is for every single engagement to drive value for all.
For more information, contact Lindsay, James, or Susan, and visit Ingram Micro’s IBM resource page.
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