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Finding the best cloud security solutions

November 22, 2019

Finding the best cloud security solutions
powered by Sounder

Over 500 million new apps will be created in the next 30 years.
More businesses are developing apps than ever before to keep up with evolving customer experience trends, and many of these software applications will be stored in the cloud.
How will businesses keep their information secure?
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Director of Hybrid Cloud & Hyperconverged Solutions at VMware, Kyle Green, shares with us how his team is working to deliver security and agility over multiple components.
He discusses:
  • The challenges with traditional IT infrastructure
  • How to adopt a hybrid cloud solution while keeping information secure
  • Best practices for maintaining security in the cloud
  • Operating in a multi-cloud environment

Traditional IT infrastructure isn’t cutting it

Looking at the amount of application development we can expect in the coming decades, it’s clear that traditional IT methods are not going to be the answer.
Nonetheless, several industries (e.g., healthcare) still need an on-premise solution to house their software applications and the information that’s on them.
While businesses are hoping to be able to move into the future, there are precautionary steps that need to be taken in terms of information security.

How VMware is helping

Kyle explains that VMware is cognizant of this paradox. On the one hand, companies want to have all of the agility and freedom the cloud offers. On the other hand, they need to know that their information is going to be safe.
This is why the VMware Cloud Foundation has made it easy to deploy and operate a hybrid cloud.
Kyle and his team are making it simple to… 
  • Adopt cloud solutions
  • Optimize hybrid solutions
  • Secure information over all components
Click here to learn more about VMware’s solutions to working in a hybrid cloud.

Connect with Kyle Green on LinkedIn.