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Federal buying season: three ways to gain an edge

May 15, 2020

Federal buying season: three ways to gain an edge
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Federal buying season starts near the end of August and runs until September 30. This is the time when government entities need to spend their budget before the end of their fiscal year, and that’s where you—our partners—come in.

In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri chats with Nick Fiorella, solution sales specialist at Ingram Micro, and Jessica Marachiello, distribution account manager at Cisco. They discuss:

  • 3 ways partners can gain a competitive edge during the federal buying season
  • Why businesses should be shifting to the public sector
  • How to take advantage of the Business Transformation Center (BTC)
 "Digital transformation is no longer an option. It's imperative to survive, move forward, and to be successful." — Jessica Marachiello

Shifting to the public sector

Preparing your business to provide solutions for the public sector can pay off in a new market vertical.
But, you’re not the only one with the idea to bid for SLED or federal contracts. The public sector has become a competitive ring for resellers.
That said, here are three things you can do to increase your bidding power:
Top three ways to gain an edge during federal buying season:
  1. Establish a relationship with your end customer. Get involved with school board meetings, local events and support your local law enforcement. By creating a presence in your community, you can gain a better understanding of what the end customers need.
  2. Know the market trends. Do your research on the public sector market: what’s most needed? What will federally funded entities need in the coming year? Check out Cisco virtual learning webinars to learn more about providing authorized solutions for government.
  3. Leverage Cisco resources. Both Nick and Jessica can help partners learn how to interact within the federal buying space. Because of Cisco’s unique position in the market, it’s become a trusted partner in the public sector. Cisco’s account team can help you showcase your offerings to schools, universities, branches of the military—whichever segment you’re looking into.

FedRAMP Authorized solutions

The Federal Risk and Authorized Management Program, or FedRAMP, is an organization that establishes processes to assist government agencies in compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).
Luckily for resellers, Cisco offers current FedRAMP-authorized solutions, making it easy to put in a bid for a federal contract.

See all of Cisco’s FedRAMP ready solutions here.
See how Ingram Micro’s Business Transformation Center (BTC) can help you with selling to the public sector.

Find Cisco federal government solutions here, FedRAMP resources here, and ways to gain an edge in the SLED and Fed bid process here.
For more information on FedRAMP-ready solutions, contact Nick Fiorella at nicholas.fiorella@ingrammicro.com