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Exploring the Xvantage platform with Sanjib Sahoo

November 08, 2022

Exploring the Xvantage platform with Sanjib Sahoo
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Successful digital transformation takes more than shiny technology—a true digital transformation provides value. Embracing the spirit of change and evolution is critical for building platforms and solutions that meet real needs and solve real problems.
Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Sanjib Sahoo, chief digital officer at Ingram Micro, to get an inside look at his process for leadership in the digital space. They discuss:
  • Defining the Xvantage platform
  • Xvantage developmental challenges
  • Key mindsets for success in digital transformation

Defining the Xvantage platform

The conception of the Xvantage platform began as a question: how do we take the complexity out of this industry and make it easier for partners to leverage the power of more than 40 years of data that Ingram Micro has with machine learning and AI?
“Slowly, we have worked on putting the puzzle pieces together with Xvantage.” Sanjib shares, “We launched the platform in the US, Germany, and Canada. We are working to add 10 more countries this year.”
Xvantage is a machine-learning driven self-learning experience platform that changes Ingram Micro into an experience-driven organization.
“This is an ecosystem, not just a website.” Sanjib explains, “It takes the complexity out and engages in the entire lifecycle of that ecosystem, from partners to associates to vendors.”

Xvantage developmental challenges

A chief challenge of creating a platform like Xvantage is managing data in a way that makes sense for development.
“We brought in some talent, we hired our chief data officer from Facebook, and I asked him to start working on the challenge on a very aggressive timeline,” Sanjib explains.
Bigger than data and numbers, the real challenge lies in shifting mindsets. The mindset of a traditional distributor and a platform company is vastly different. How do you change that mindset and create a spirit of going digital in your organization?
“In Ingram Micro, it was easier to slowly make these changes because the employees were hungry for a change. They were waiting to transform the culture,” Sanjib continues.

Key mindsets for success in digital transformation

Leading a digital transformation takes more than an idea and an interest in technological advancements.
Sanjib shares a few key mindsets that have served him well throughout his career:
  • Embrace change, eliminate fear, fail fast
  • Focus on the art of possible versus the art of impossible
  • Emphasize attitude over aptitude
  • Develop the art of storytelling
“Story is different from jargon and technical terms. Story is what connects to your heart.” Sanjib points out, “Digital transformation is about humans and heart. If you cannot connect to the heart of humans, it will not work.”
Employee experience is customer experience. If your employees don't adopt the solution, neither will your customers. Find the heart.
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