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Exploring the soulful side of tech

November 10, 2022

Exploring the soulful side of tech
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Social media began with a promise of connection, community and progression. Reality has proven to look different in the form of hateful messages, online predators and countless threats open to any teen or child with access to the internet.
We have a mission to spread the word on digital citizenship and what each of us can do to combat these risks.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Patrick Smith, technology consultant at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Soulless to soulful work
  • Teaching cybersecurity hygiene
  • The cybersecurity talent gap

Soulless to soulful work

 Trello CEO, Brian Palma, spoke at a tech conference last year and discussed the idea of soulless versus soulful work, along with what that means within the world of tech.
“Users can hide behind the anonymity of a screen name,” Patrick shares, “and they think they can do or say whatever they want without any repercussions, whether it's cyberbullying, hate speech or threats of violence.”
Many social media companies are not doing enough to protect our children from these activities. However, there’s more we can do than stand by and hope for the best.
Employees of these social platforms are beginning to leave their jobs and look for work that upholds the mission they thought they were joining, one with soul—a mission that perfectly aligns with cybersecurity.

Teaching cybersecurity hygiene

 The soulful side of tech runs directly through cybersecurity and educating parents, employers and children about the best practices for digital citizenship.
“I've had the pleasure of volunteering within my local and surrounding communities by providing presentations for students and parents on three important topics,” Patrick shares.
Patrick teaches:
  • Computer safety—keeping belongings and data safe
  • Online security—keeping children safe
  • Cyber ethics—how to act responsibly
 Spreading the word about these precautions brings soul into Patrick's work and humanizes cybersecurity. What’s more human than the desire to keep our children safe?

The cybersecurity talent gap

 According to a recent cybersecurity workforce study, there's an estimated 3.4 million cybersecurity worker shortage in 2022. In the US alone, that's more than 700,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs. What can we do to fill these soulful cybersecurity positions?
“First, we need to get our youth excited about cybersecurity and technology. I'm excited and encouraged by all the STEM programs that are out there being offered to our youth,” Patrick shares.
Colleges and universities are offering more and more cybersecurity courses, and Ingram Micro offers multiple courses through LinkedIn Learning.
“We need to continue promoting a more diverse and inclusive work environment. I'm a firm believer that everyone is capable of having that million-dollar idea, regardless of their education, age, race—everyone can draw from their own cultural experiences and become more innovative within the workplace.”
We all have something to contribute to online safety.
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