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Exploring the elements of a high-value partnership with Alyssa and Jamie

October 06, 2022

Exploring the elements of a high-value partnership with Alyssa and Jamie
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Lenovo strives to enable their partners to sell across the entire portfolio of offerings—laptops, desktops, server storage and more. Lenovo opens the door to new margins and markets and, in turn, additional revenue.
Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Alyssa Unterborn and Jamie Tworkowski, solutions sales executives at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Recent trends across ISG and IDG
  • Lenovo 360 success stories
  • How the Better Together program ties into Lenovo 360

Recent trends across ISG and IDG

COVID shaped much of the trends across both the Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) and Intelligent Devices Group (IDG) within Ingram Micro and partners such as Lenovo, with operations now adjusting to the aftermath.
“There’s an increased need to use integration or configuration services. We're seeing some softness in the channel now,” Alyssa shares from the IDG side, “So we're not getting that big COVID rush.”
Partners were desperate for whatever Lenovo had in stock. That frenzy fades with the times into a softer, calmer approach to equipping teams and offices with the devices that will serve them best.
“We were basically forced to move technology 15 years into the future,” Jamie shares from the ISG side, “We’re seeing trends pushing more towards edge technology—AI, IoT."
There’s a sway towards less interaction with people and more interaction with machines and technologies.

Lenovo success stories

Having reliable devices and servers is non-negotiable in today's digital world. From customer experience to employee experience, the value of a high-quality system is tenfold. Now imagine if that included top-of-the-line support and insights.
In one case, a partner who utilized their partnership by banking into Lenovo's resources enabled their sales team to reach new heights. “Within the first year of them working with us, we grew that business to $1.4 million,” Alyssa shares.
DreamWorks is another partner who benefited from leveraging their connection with Lenovo—they were at capacity in every way during the pandemic. “This is where Lenovo stepped it up,” Jamie explains, “They delivered a full-on prem, HPC infrastructure solution, which is scalable and extremely efficient.”

How the Better Together program ties into the Lenovo 360

The program holds the right software, accessories, support, financing and warehousing—it can create a one-stop-shop experience for partners that keeps costs down and provides a better overall experience for end users.
“The Better Together program goes hand in hand with our Lenovo 360 platform, and it combines all of the resources and teams that we have,” Alyssa explains.
Opting into the Better Together program grants access to game-changing expertise and support.
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