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Exploring direct-view LED screen use cases

November 21, 2022

Exploring direct-view LED screen use cases
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LG Electronics' direct-view screens bring flexibility and versatility to multiple industries, creating impactful experiences through cutting-edge technology. From film production to commercial use, direct-view screens are paving the way for a new type of immersion.       
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Mike Stachura, national account manager at LG Electronics, about:
  • Defining LG Electronics direct-view LED screens
  • Why ProAV is a fast-growing segment
  • Direct-view LED screen use cases 

Defining LG Electronics direct-view LED screens

 Most TVs in a typical home host LCD pictures with an LED backlight, a setup proven to be the standard. A true LED screen means something different.
“It's that same kind of technology of taking that LED backlight, but instead of shining it through some liquid crystal and going through polarization filters, it's now just three colors on a board,” Mike explains.
Where direct-view LED differs is its versatility. These screens work on cruise ships, in film and in advertisements.
“You're not limited to a 32 or 43, a 50, a 55—you're now able to say, ‘My wall is 10 feet by 12 feet,’ and you can fill up just about every square inch of that with direct-view LED,” Mike continues, “You're able to create a more custom display for your application.”

Why ProAV is a fast-growing segment

 ProAV—any audio or visual system installed for commercial use—steps up to the plate in the wake of increased online shopping trends. People still gravitate towards in-person retail, but the expectations have changed.
“With everything opening back up, retail and brick and mortar are combating the online shopping experience by building a better experience and changing the game,” Mike explains.
People drive by countless static images without any pause every day. Movement within a digital sign can mean the difference between dismissal and a pause—but it doesn’t stop there.
“If you have a display or moving image that is not in a traditional aspect ratio, then you have a 5x longer dwell time compared to digital. If you have something custom and different, folks are going to look at that a little bit longer,” Mike continues.
Companies must adapt to more impactful advertising methods, and the solution lies with direct-view LED screens.

More direct-view LED screen use cases

 Direct-view LED screens are not flat and stationary panels. With a dome-like shape, they’re able to create entire environments for film productions. They can cover a room, create artistic exhibits and mimic the sun.
“Think of Time Square, a curved display around a building or a sphere. You can do things like have anamorphic content,” Mike explains.
Through dynamic visual effects and innovation, the possibilities for direct-view LED screen applications are endless. 
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