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Experiential learning at the Business Transformation Center

July 02, 2021

Experiential learning at the Business Transformation Center
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In this episode, host Logan Lyles speaks with Mark Herberger, Dan Stewart and Matt White about the benefits of the Business Transformation Center (BTC).
Mark is the director of Advanced Solutions and Business Development, while Dan and Matt are sr. solutions center engineers.
They talk about:
  • Why the BTC was created
  • Who the BTC is for
  • BTC vendors

The origin of the BTC

The idea for the BTC came from discussions with customers about the challenges they were facing in the marketplace.
“One of the things that we noticed is really just the pace of change in this business and in this industry,” Mark says.
To help customers adapt to that constantly changing environment, the BTC was built.
It’s an experiential learning environment where customers can touch, feel, and interact with new technologies and learn from engineers about how individual pieces of tech can work together to solve business problems.

Who uses the BTC

Historically, the BTC helped partners become more competent and build stronger relationships with their clients. But a recent rebranding and the introduction of new vendors and technologies opened up opportunities to work with Ingram Micro associates as well.
In the facility, different outcomes have been created for verticals such as:
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Esports
Partners can even bring their customers in for solution enablement. It all starts with contacting an Ingram Micro associate to schedule a demonstration of technology in the context of a real business scenario for the customer.


“In any given year, we’ve got about 25 to 30 different manufacturers or vendors that are involved in the Business Transformation Center,” Mark says.
That includes longtime partners like Cisco, HP, IBM and others who have come aboard for a year or two to set up solutions like Epson, Lenovo and Microsoft HoloLens.
The BTC is a dynamic tech playground, so that list is always changing as new equipment across all vendors is added.

The fast five

Mark, Dan and Matt also answered our five President’s Club rapid-fire questions.

Q: What are the biggest benefits of being involved with Ingram Micro’s President’s Club?
Mark: A premier partnership connecting some of the best vendors in the business with the best sales force
Dan: The engagement with brands and companies
Matt: The five-star award trip

Q: In one word, where do you see technology going?
Mark: Scale
Dan: Cloud
Matt: Everywhere

Q: One interesting thing you’ve read recently?
Mark: Red ocean, blue ocean strategies
Dan: Personal finance articles
Matt: Top Technologies Transforming Energy in 2021

Q: Favorite current movie or show
Mark: 24
Dan: Breaking Bad
Matt: Manifest

Q: Biggest lesson from the past year
Mark: Trust my vision
Dan: The importance of communication
Matt: Simplify things
Learn more at the Business Transformation Center home page.