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Expanding IT solutions that drive efficiency and profitability | Cisco Series

May 06, 2021

 Expanding IT solutions that drive efficiency and profitability | Cisco Series
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Due to strategic shifts in the market, it’s become necessary for companies to expand the solutions they offer their customers to better support needs. In the IT space, those customer needs have revolved around solutions that drive efficiency and profitability.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Shelby Skrhak talks with Shelliy Cymbalski, Chief Marketing Officer at Arizona-based iT1 about:
  • The need to be agile in the modern era
  • The change in focus for sales conversations
  • The hard work of revamping IT infrastructure to be more agile
  • Partnering with Cisco

New customer challenges

According to surveys, much of the workforce either wants to stay home or split time between the home and office. This shift began before the pandemic, but the pandemic certainly accelerated it.
With this new dynamic comes the need for new collaboration tools. It also raises another question for customers: should we keep our office space, should we downsize, or should we get rid of it altogether?
And it also brings with it the need for new security solutions that will help keep everything secure—no matter where your workforce is logging in from—moving forward.

The changing sales conversation

Shelliy has been in sales for 20 years and says the focus of the IT sales pitch has changed over the last couple of years. Customers still want relationships, but they want to reframe the conversation. Now, they want to focus on topics like:
  • How can we reduce their costs?
  • How can we reduce their risk and help them become compliant?
  • How do we use the cloud and services to reduce costs and gain a better solution?
  • How do we stay efficient and drive productivity?

Bringing in agile IT

Making a company’s IT infrastructure more agile can be a massive undertaking.
“It’s not a refresh,” says Shelliy. “It’s really trying to understand within the IT department who is doing what, what is taking the most time, what is the most expensive, what are the biggest goals and putting together sometimes a long-term plan.”
In other words, it involves a lot of stakeholders.
Taking the time to get all the right people into the conversation is the only way to build an effective plan and change the IT environment for the better.

Partnering with Cisco

For iT1, Cisco has been a great partner.
“I’ve been working with them for about 20 years and they are really groundbreaking,” says Shelliy, “not just their technology and their ideas and process, but really their programs and their people.”
Contact your Ingram Micro representative for more information about Cisco or visit iT1.