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Expanded global engagement brings SaaS Backup to channel partners

September 18, 2020

Expanded global engagement brings SaaS Backup to channel partners
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Backup data protection is available to channel partners as a service now—for the first time ever—thanks to an expanded global engagement between Ingram Micro and Veritas.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, host Keri Roberts discusses details from the recent press release with Tim FitzGerald, VP of Cloud Channel Sales Americas at Ingram Micro, and Simon Jelley, VP of Product Management at Veritas.
No matter the SaaS platform, Simon explained that the new Veritas SaaS Backup solution will safeguard data from accidental deletion, disaster recovery events or the threat of ransomware. “Our partners know they can rely on our tool sets, particularly with our Veritas SaaS Backup solution, for being able to recover that data overall,” Simon said.
Tim highlighted the ease of deployment of this as-a-service solution, pointing out that more SMBs and enterprise organizations are making SaaS purchasing decisions. “We're seeing the evolution of customers more and more embracing more SaaS applications and moving from the traditional data center in deploying their own IT model,” said Tim.
Read more about the Veritas SaaS Backup solution in our press release or at CRN.
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