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Partners Get Exclusive Financing Options from Samsung

Flexible payment options help your customers say yes

October 13, 2020

Partners Get Exclusive Financing Options from Samsung
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If you had to pay for a Netflix subscription upfront, would you still have one? The streaming service would definitely not be as successful as it is today if that were the case.
That’s why Samsung is offering Ingram Micro partners an exclusive payment option for their customers. Brian Borsching, a Samsung Solutions Specialist at Ingram Micro, and Ian Pugh, Financial Services “Ninja” with Ingram Micro, join Keri to discuss…
  • How flexible payment options help businesses get back on their feet
  • The impact of businesses holding on to old technology
  • The future of technology and payment options

"Buyers are typically acting more favorably when they're offered flexible ways to pay for things." — Ian Pugh

Helping customers get back to business

If you were struggling to make ends meet, you probably wouldn’t splurge on a Netflix subscription upfront. The same goes for your customers and their budgets right now.
Instead of investing in new, productivity-boosting technologies, they’re likely going to stick with what they have. The thing is, outdated signage and slow-as-molasses processors aren’t going to help them regain their customers’ trust.
Plus, there are always newer and sleeker products coming out. How are your customers supposed to stay up to date with ever-evolving technology? There’s not enough money in the world.
"Digital signage is a great way to give your business a face-lift, show that you are adapting technology and taking everything seriously, and putting your best foot forward." — Brian Borsching

Flexible payment plans

Offering flexible payment options turns out to be a win-win for you and your customers.
Take, for example, Samsung’s 3-year 0% interest deal. You read it right: Your customers can upgrade their Samsung business technology, paying what they would upfront over three years with 0% interest.
That means you make the sale and your customers can get back on their feet.
What’s more? This option makes it possible for customers to upgrade to the newest solutions after three years. No more outdated technology.

Where’s technology going?

Brian sees companies doing small things to be more green and efficient. Signage, for example, is more earth-friendly as a digital medium. Not to mention, digital signage looks more professional and is easier to update than traditional paper or chalkboard signs.
Ian is focusing more on innovative payment plans in the future. Technology will always be evolving at fever-pitch speeds. The industry needs smarter financing options that can keep up.
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