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Enterprise Networking: Why an intent-based network could be right for you

Dan Stewart discusses how Cisco DNA can make enterprise networking a cinch.

September 20, 2019

Enterprise Networking: Why an intent-based network could be right for you
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Dan Stewart discusses enterprise networking.
Organizing enterprise networking for a big event can be stressful.
What’s more stressful? Not having one central dashboard where you can control and troubleshoot all access points.
Dan Stewart, senior business transformation engineer for Cisco Solutions at Ingram Micro, gives us the lowdown on organizing an effective and comprehensive digital environment using Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA).

He tells us about:

  • Intent-based networks
  • Managing a comprehensive digital environment
  • The differences between WiFi 6 and 5G

Enterprise networking doesn’t have to be a headache

When you’re planning out a digital experience for a large event, independent system components can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety. And, that’s even if the WiFi is working as planned.
Dan suggests looking into an intent-based network like Cisco DNA.
"With Cisco DNA, your management becomes one source of truth." - Dan Stewart
By keeping all system controls on one reliable network, you can manage hundreds of access points with ease and troubleshoot any one of them at the speed of light.
Additionally, you’re able to add on the layers of security you need to defend against any network threats. This is possible thanks to Cisco DNA’s complete visibility of users, devices, and processes.

A better user experience

Not only is an intent-based enterprise network beneficial to your team but it offers users a smooth and collective experience.
Going from location to location, you can be certain that users are receiving the information they need, when they need it, on the device they need it on. Being on a WiFi 6 network gives users the power to connect to the experience from all different devices.

What is WiFi 6?

Simply put, WiFi 6 is the newest generation of wireless internet available.
Cisco DNA operates optimally on WiFi 6. This generation of wireless allows you to stay in control of all access points and aware of all devices connected at the speed you need it to do so.
By using WiFi 6 for your event, you’re able to implement as many access points as you deem necessary. This will ensure that users have reliable network access at all times.
Plus, since there are more devices being connected to wireless than ever before (smartwatches, tablets, IoT devices), WiFi 6 is your best bet in regards to performance.


What is 5G?

Similarily to WiFi 6, 5G is the newest generation of cellular network technology.
Unlike WiFi 6, however, 5G is a service provided by carriers and not widespread yet. While it’s speed and bandwidth are improvements on 4G, it’s relatively unknown when 5G will be commonplace. Moreover, it all depends on the cellphone carrier you have.
This uncertainty is a key reason why investing in WiFi 6 for your enterprise network is wise; you can control it.
Furthermore, once 5G does become widespread, you will be able to offer a seamless on and off-campus experience.
"It's really not a tale of competing technologies. We're really looking at these technologies as complementary to each other." - Dan Stewart

The future of technology

Dan sees the future of technology diving deeper into the Internet of Things. As tech in our homes and businesses become more interdependent, it will be crucial to upgrade to the newest generation of wireless.