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Ensuring meeting equity with wireless conferencing capabilities

August 12, 2022

Ensuring meeting equity with wireless conferencing capabilities
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The modern workforce is more different now than ever before. Historically, people have worked heavily in office. Then, work shifted to a remote setting.
Now, a majority of workers prefer working in a hybrid setting.
Faced with issues that are unique to a hybrid work environment, meeting equity often suffers. One business is here to level the playing field between those working in office and at home.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Jen Sigmund, senior segment marketing manager, Meeting Experience and weConnect at Barco about:

  • Meaning of meeting equity
  • Importance of diversity and inclusion
  • Establishing equity with technology solutions

What is meeting equity and why is it important?

A relatively new concept, meeting equity refers to participants being equally seen and heard, regardless of their physical location.
While most individuals are satisfied with completely virtual meetings and in-person meetings, 28% of people find it difficult to have their voices heard in a hybrid setting. Moreover, twice as many remote hybrid participants feel that meeting leaders cater too heavily to those in a physical meeting space.
80% of working people want to work in a hybrid environment, but 70% are stressed out by hybrid work.
Ensuring meeting equity is vital in minimizing this stress and establishing a healthy work environment.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity is essential to modern business success.
Companies that systematically invest in equity and inclusion:
  • Have a competitive advantage
  • Outperform competitors in profitability
  • Recruit more skilled top talent
 Hybrid workspaces support diversity and allow people to work the way they want to, ultimately increasing satisfaction and employee retention. But it’s important to ensure each employee feels adequately seen and heard.

The role of technology

Technology plays a massive role in establishing meeting equity, particularly within the context of remote and hybrid work.
Most of the stresses of hybrid working come from:
  • Technology connectivity problems
  • Sharing content
  • Contrasting workflows between home and office
 Technology solutions can help ease these challenges. Jen explains the importance of creating an effortless solution that is the same in office and at home.
She says, “If I literally can walk in, press a button and have a conference start, we create that ideal user experience and meeting flow.”
By establishing systems that allow hybrid workers to feel heard and seen at the same level as those in office, organizations such as Barco are helping to establish equity across the board.
“We are enabling people to work the way they want to without having to think about technology,” Jen says.
Email Jen Sigmund for more information.
Check out Barco and MeetingEquity.com for more information.
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