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Enabling more effective contact center agents with headset technology

January 20, 2022

Enabling more effective contact center agents with headset technology
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 The right headset can make or break your contact center. And with at-home and hybrid work more prevalent than in the past, contact center agents need a good headset now more than ever.

Shelby Skrhak speaks with Vern Fernandez, senior manager of contact center excellence at Jabra, about:

  • The contact center challenges of yesterday versus today
  • How a great headset solves at-home or hybrid work challenges
  • The data that Jabra headsets collect

Challenges: yesterday vs. today

Jabra interviews contact center agents every few years to see what they want, what they value and what their customers want. New trends have emerged in recent years:
  • Agents want to work from home
  • Increased use of wireless headsets has provided agents with greater mobility in the office and at home
  • Agents are working with an ever-expanding network of technology

At-home or hybrid work

When agents were sent home at the start of the pandemic, they had to make do with the equipment they had. That meant that some were even taking calls on their personal cell phones.
It also meant that leadership had to figure out new ways to ensure that agents were working and that customers were receiving a good experience.
One particularly important element of the customer experience is noise control. Companies had invested in soundproofing and white noise machines in facilities all across the world. All of that investment was effectively wasted when agents had to work from home.

Jabra headsets

Jabra headsets enabled agents to work despite changing work environments. After all, the Jabra headset can be used anywhere—in a loud call center environment or at home with a barking dog. It cancels out noise and allows the agent to camouflage where they are working and enables them to provide a consistent experience to customers.
How? New headsets have chipsets that collect data from the microphones and speakers and use algorithms to distinguish between voice and background noise.
The benefits are huge. You want your company's voice data to be as clean and accurate as possible if, for example, you recently invested $300,000 in speech analytics licenses.

The benefit of data

The headsets of today are essentially IoT devices. They’re incredibly intelligent. Plus, they’re constantly collecting data from the call itself as well as the environment around the agent.
Data such as:
  • The decibel levels in the room
  • Who is talking and how often there is cross talk
  • How often the agent mutes
 This data can be used to improve the effectiveness of agents and enhance the customer experience.
It all comes down to having the right equipment.
As Vern says, “When you're choosing headsets, you've got to choose the best headset for the agent.”
Email the Ingram Micro Jabra team or visit Jabra’s call center headset website for more information.
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For more information, email the Jabra team.
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