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Enabling hybrid cloud environments with multitenant data centers

September 14, 2021

Enabling hybrid cloud environments with multitenant data centers
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Multitenant data centers play a key role in enabling the hybrid cloud environment.
So what exactly are they and how do they fit into the hybrid cloud puzzle?
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Michael Gallagher, Senior Business Development Manager - Global Data Center Solutions at Panduit, about:
  • What multitenant data centers are
  • Why they’re important to the hybrid cloud movement
  • The benefits of working with Panduit

Multitenant data centers

Multitenant data centers—more commonly referred to as colocation spaces—are essentially rental data center space.
“Businesses can lease single rack units, cabinets, cages or entire data halls,” Michael says, “just depending on what their needs are.”

Enabling hybrid cloud

For a variety of reasons, not all workloads can be placed in a public cloud. That’s why many businesses have built their own private clouds and provided them on demand as a service to their internal users.
Under this arrangement, the public and private cloud need to interact with each other.
That’s where multitenant data centers enter the picture.
“Any major multitenant data center is going to have onramps or access points to these cloud providers and this allows for more efficient data transfer,” Michael says.

Benefits of Panduit

Panduit is meeting customer needs in three specific areas:
  • Quick deployment: After businesses sign on to a multitenant data center, orders get placed and deployment needs to happen quickly. Panduit offers fiber pathways which can be deployed in about half the time of the competition.
  • Reliability: Panduit tests each individual component as well as the entire system, and they back it up with a 25-year system-level warranty.
  • Operational efficiency: Data centers are becoming more dense which means they’re using more power and generating more heat. Panduit ensures that their data center products have a cooling optimization solution.
“Panduit has the widest depth and breadth of data center infrastructure products on the market,” Michael says.
The company offers fiber and connectivity solutions, a full line of cabling and identification, cable management, as well as software solutions, including data center infrastructure management and environmental monitoring solutions.
Visit Colocation Solutions by Panduit or contact Erin Mancuso for more information.