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Embracing on-prem and the cloud with HPE Alletra storage solutions

March 21, 2022

Embracing on-prem and the cloud with HPE Alletra storage solutions
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Since the introduction of HPE Alletra storage solutions, managing on-premise solutions with a cloud approach has never been easier.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Tyler Clark, partner business manager at HPE, and Jon Busshart, senior solution center engineer at Ingram Micro, about:
  • How HPE helps businesses drive digital transformation
  • Challenges that partners face
  • Solutions from HPE for storage and backup challenges

Driving digital transformation

HPE is on the vanguard of helping businesses navigate digital transformation.
“It really starts with the breadth of our HPE technology portfolio,” Tyler says. “We have a solution to address pretty much anyone’s needs in the data center.”
One of the challenges that partners are facing involves storage.

Challenges around storage

The complexity of storage and data management has impeded digital transformation for many companies.
“A lot of people have different storage solutions that are in place and they’re having a difficult time managing it,” Jon says.
The proliferation of ransomware has made backups a necessity as well.
A holistic approach to how storage is done is the best route to combat this.

HPE solutions

HPE offers a couple different solutions to manage the backup and recovery piece of the data center business.


Starting with hardware, HPE offers a disk-to-disk backup solution. An additional level up from that is their StoreEver product line. These tape drives and tape libraries protect data and neutralize ransomware attacks.


From a software perspective, one of the newest offerings in the portfolio comes from Zerto, which ties the whole portfolio together as a complete backup solution.

Alletra storage solutions

Alletra is the newest brand name for HPE’s storage product. As more products are released, it will become an all-encompassing platform around the data center.
What Alletra has done, which other storage solutions have lacked in the past, is introduce Data Services Cloud Console, which brings the cloud experience to wherever data lives.
“It is really striving to give folks a totally new management experience on those storage platforms,” Tyler says.
It’s all about bringing the ease of something like AWS to storage solutions.
“HPE is well poised to be able to take advantage of what people have had in the cloud and bring them to on-premise services,” Jon says, “so things like GreenLake and going after the cost model that cloud offers as an on-prem solution.”
That means enabling customers to purchase what they need today and expand as their needs evolve.
“That’s really the direction I see HPE going as far as management of IT environments,” Jon continues. “We need to make it easier for people and maybe it’ll allow them to manage anything from anywhere.”
Learn more about HPE Alletra, Data Services Cloud Console, and HPE Backup and Recovery Solutions. Contact Jon Busshart for more information.
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