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Embracing business agility through hybrid IT solutions

April 23, 2021

Embracing business agility through hybrid IT solutions
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Work from home. Work from the office. Work from anywhere. Business agility is one of the biggest trends in the SMB space.
In episode 192 of B2B Tech Talk, As the Gears Turn eEdition, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash talk with Tommy Mac, HPE SSr. TTechnology CConsultant with Ingram Micro about:
  • How HPE has been pushing partners towards business agility
  • Delivering a simple IT solution that is also secure
  • Designing compliance solutions for a new era of data privacy
  • Offering an affordable and agile IT solution with HPE GreenLake

Pushing tTowards Bbusiness aAgility

“Business agility has been an area that HP has been pushing a lot of their partners and their customers towards,” says Tommy.
“That’s where HPE has been really focused on delivering that experience to customers,” says Tommy, “so they can solve for their most pressing business needs.”

Simple and sSecure

It’s a hard path to navigate — designing an IT solution that is both simple and secure.
Over this past year, we’ve seen many companies choose simple options that solve the immediate need with security as an afterthought. Those same companies are now having to go back to address that missing piece.


Compliance has been a hot topic over the last few years with GDPR in Europe.
“A lot of people are predicting that data privacy — that protection of PII — is going to become paramount here in the U.S.,” says Tommy.
That has given rise to the concept of Hybrid IT — the idea that some workloads and some data are safe in the cloud, while other data is safer in your own data center.
All of HPE’s IT solutions are cloud-enabled for this reason. What that means is that you have some way to interact with the cloud through any of those products, but you don’t necessarily have to leverage it.

HPE GreenLake

One such solution is HPE GreenLake. From an affordability standpoint, it has allowed companies to turn capital investments into a pay-as-you-go experience. Now, businesses can better manage their available credit and cash flow.
What exactly is HPE GreenLake?
“It’s a pay-as-you-go consumption model that enables HPE and its partners to deliver technology that’s needed for business in order to be agile, and flexible,” Tommy says.
It’s getting a cloud experience while still receiving that hardware — consumption aaS.
“There’s just so much out there that customers want to take advantage of, however, they don’t necessarily have a huge capital budget to buy it,” Tommy says. “Turning that into a monthly consumption really helps them explore those new technologies at a lower cost.”
An added bonus: HPE and Ingram Micro have launched a chatbot named Mindy to help you navigate HPE GreenLake.
Learn more about HPE GreenLake and visit the HPE Portal.