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Easily manage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments with IBM

Think you need to be a programmer to manage a multi-cloud environment? Think again!

January 14, 2021

Easily manage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments with IBM
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Managing a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment might sound like a non-programmer’s nightmare to you. But with IBM’s help, anybody can do it!
In episode 168 of the President’s Club Series, Keri speaks with IBM Client Director for Ingram Micro, Jamie Hughes. The two discuss…
  • How IBM helps customers elevate their skills and productivity
  • Why flexibility in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments is essential
  • How IBM will be involved in Cloud Summit 2021
We are helping our customers experience the value in the deployment and in the implementation of their mission-critical applications. — Jamie Hughes

Your skills go farther with IBM

One benefit of the accelerated digital transformation in 2020 has been the adoption of a simplified application deployment model. Jamie points out that these simplified models make it easier for those without a lot of hybrid cloud expertise to program and use.
Subsequently, programmers with deep knowledge of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments have more time to focus on high-stakes projects.
This particular model for easier hybrid cloud management is made possible by IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat. No matter the cloud environment your team is already operating in, IBM allows you to manage multi-cloud ecosystems from one dashboard.
“Think of IBM as giving customers and partners the robust kind of flexibility they really need to be able to scale in today’s environment.” — Jamie Hughes

The Fast Five

As a part of the President’s Club Series, we asked Jamie five rapid-fire questions concerning her experience in 2020 and the future of technology.

Q: What are the biggest benefits that you see in being involved in Ingram Micro’s President’s Club?

A: I have to say building relationships and scale of ecosystem.

Q: What was the most inspirational book that you read this year?

A: I actually wrote a book this year called Tugboat Tank. It’s a children’s book that teaches kids about perseverance and kindness. I think it’s a lesson both kids and adults need.

Q: What was your favorite show or movie that you binged this year?

A: Lost In Space. I watched it with my 11-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son and they were just fascinated by it.

Q: What was the biggest lesson that you learned either personally or professionally in 2020?

A: There are probably more than one. But a few that come to mind are grace, understanding and kindness. Everybody has been impacted in different ways this year, personally and professionally. Some people have been able to embrace the extra time with their family and friends. And then some people have been feeling lonely and depressed. Some are being evicted from their homes and some are dealing with an extremely significant loss. I think extending kindness, grace and understanding to everybody this year is absolutely key.

Q: In one word, where do you see technology going within the next year?

A: Fast and cloud. They go hand in hand.

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