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Driving innovation among developers

June 10, 2020

Driving innovation among developers
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You’ve probably heard the saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.”
While it might seem cliché, IBM is taking this idea seriously with their Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) program. Kami Nazem, a security intelligence technical specialist for IBM, shares more about the ESA with Keri on this episode of B2B Tech Talk.

Plus, Kami talks about:

  • Best practices for staying secure when working from home
  • How partners can go to market faster with a solution they own 100%
  • Why many businesses will be forced to migrate to the cloud
“The ESA provides partners with a vehicle to create a unique solution with IBM’s technology and market the solution to their own downstream customers.” —Kami Nazem
There are numerous advantages to partnering with IBM through its Embedded Solution Agreement. Here, we’ll name off just a few.
[Find out more about ESA in Introduction to the IBM Partner Embedded Program]
Accelerate your time to market
Having access to IBM resources means your solutions can go to market faster. Plus, you still own all the rights to your product.
Deliver an outcome, not just a license
Instead of giving your customers another licensing agreement, have an original product to provide.
Sell a repeatable solution
You know what your customers need, so build it for them! It’s likely more than one customer will be able to take advantage of your managed solution, too.
To learn more about qualifying for IBM’s ESA program, visit IBM PartnerWorld.

 Find more about the ESA program here and here.