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Don’t get passed by. Find market opportunities for business growth.

July 26, 2019

Don’t get passed by. Find market opportunities for business growth.
What makes you uncomfortable?
It may sound strange, but discomfort can actually be a good feeling when it comes to finding market opportunities for business growth.
We sit down to discuss this more in-depth with chief country executive of Ingram Micro’s U.S. branch, Kirk Robinson. He gives us specifics on how getting out of your comfort zone can lead to growth in your industry, including:
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Continuous learning
  • Working toward a major goal
“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” —Kirk Robinson
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Let’s take a closer look at Kirk’s podcast talking points.

Take calculated risks
Customer experience is a premium concern to Kirk and his team. They wouldn’t be able to improve it without taking calculated risks.
The important thing about taking calculated risks is learning from the experience whether you succeed or not. Reflecting on what was done well and what could use improvement is essential for uncovering the right market opportunities for business growth.
Tracking the metrics of your new strategy is also imperative. Did engagement go up? Did you retain more customers? Did you receive positive feedback?
All of the possible variables should be considered and prepped to be measured before you execute the plan.
When Kirk and his team implement a new strategy or tech, the goal is focused around improving the overall experience for their clients. It’s for this reason that customer feedback is one of their most valuable metrics.
Always learning
Kirk advises professionals searching for market opportunities for business growth to read as much as they can. Two topics he encourages are:
  1. Accounts of others’ successes
  2. News of business mergers or acquisitions

These two matters will beg the questions:

  • What did they do well?
  • How are my goals similar or different?
  • What actions can be transferred to my own position/company? 
If the thoughts or actions these matters provoke put you out of your comfort zone, you’re on the right path.
Find a major goal to work toward
Do you know what your company’s overarching mission is? Does it help you think outside of your comfort zone?
Kirk urges leaders and teams to have a goal that serves as a mountain in the distance. This will help align all team members and future hires. A team mission will also motivate individuals to be a part of something bigger and foster innovation.
For Kirk’s team, delivering the very best customer experience in the industry is the mountainous goal. Smaller objectives and tactics support the all-team purpose. As your company adjusts to market opportunities for business growth, your overarching mission may change accordingly.
“If you do right by your team and do right by your customers, they’re always going to do right by you.” —Kirk Robinson
Get out of your comfort zone
Being uncomfortable doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?
The next time you’re feeling complacent in your chosen industry or profession, consider:
  • Taking a calculated risk
  • Reading up on success stories
  • Making a new professional relationship
  • Setting a life or team goal 
Follow Kirk on Twitter (@thekirkrobinson) and LinkedIn (Kirk Robinson).