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Don’t fear being rejected. Dare to take the risk in your career

September 24, 2020

Don’t fear being rejected. Dare to take the risk in your career
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The key to getting a career in technology is the willingness to learn. You can come from marketing, sales or HR, but you can move quickly in technology if you’re open to moving quickly and learning as much as possible.
“You don’t need to be an engineer to work in tech.”—Sabine Howest
In this episode of Coffee with Women in Tech, Senior Marketing Executive of Ingram Micro UK, Harpreet Narang, talks to Vice President of Global Partner Engagement and IoT, Sabine Howest, about her career in technology.
Sabine talks about how she got started on an IT path, how life doesn’t always go as planned and how to overcome barriers in your career. She also talks about:
  • Her biggest 3 career lessons
  • How organizations can support gender diversity
  • Why technology is a great industry to be in for women
Always Be Learning
Take the time to learn for your career and learn for yourself—even go back to school later in your journey if you need to. This is the way to keep yourself challenged for what will come your way. IT is incredibly fast-paced and if you’re not open to learning, then you won’t be able to keep up with this continuously changing industry.
You can come from marketing, sales, finance or human resources to break into technology because the industry covers all aspects. IT does not have to be your specialty to get a career in technology. You just need to be technology motivated, have mobility and always have a willingness to juggle many things.
Diversity in the Workforce
Diversity is important everywhere, but diversity in IT has been in the spotlight lately. Diversity helps to create innovation, rich interactions and to elevate the team by challenging each other with new ideas. We all have biases, even if we’re unaware of them, and having a diverse environment will help with personal growth as well as the growth of a workforce.
Organizations have a role to play in diversity. People don’t always know what types of careers are open in IT and it’s up to the organizations to educate how positions from all over can apply their experience to an IT role. 
We’re all in the same boat about wanting to achieve the same results of better business, better ideas and growing our careers. The conversation of diversity needs to include all genders and all races to keep the momentum growing. 
Technology Is Everywhere
If your passion is in retail, fashion, teaching, security or politics, technology is touching the industry; so once you know the basics of IT, you can go anywhere. You can be given freedom in where you want to go because technology is so much more than the tech industry. It’s an exciting and vibrant industry to be involved in and there’s no time like the present to jump in.
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For more information or to be a guest on B2B Tech Talk’s special Coffee with Women in Tech, connect with Harpreet Narang on LinkedIn or via email.