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Don’t cut your marketing budget! (Seriously)

How to adjust your marketing strategies to reflect your leadership and contribution during the crisis

October 29, 2020

Don’t cut your marketing budget! (Seriously)
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Right now is one of the all-time worst moments to slash your marketing spend.
Instead, adjust your marketing strategies to reflect your leadership and contribution to helping others.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, we spoke with Cheryl Cook, SVP of Global Channel at Dell, and Jen Anaya, SVP of Global Marketing at Ingram Micro, about adjusting marketing strategies for today.

You’ll also learn about:

  • Why channel partners shouldn’t cut marketing, either
  • How to adjust marketing to the current environment
  • What’s changed about CX in the last several months
  • Being purposeful about giving back
“We allow the customer to lead us … and pivot to much more value proposition around outcomes.” — Cheryl Cook

No budget cuts

Both SVPs recommend not cutting marketing budgets—for channel partners, either.
Marketing plays an ever more critical role in both awareness and driving preference. Today’s decision-makers shop online extensively before ever contacting a salesperson.
That’s why orgs should commit to aligning marketing and digital presence with sales efforts.
Partners should also incorporate “old school marketing tactics.” Example: It’s a delight to get something meaningful in the mail.

Brand awareness matters

Avoid large-scale activities that completely deny the reality of the pandemic. Instead, host a town hall to facilitate discussion with your customers.

  • Listen to their needs
  • Provide lines of questioning or advice
  • Help clients learn from each other’s best practices
Dell, seeing a huge demand for work-from-home solutions, pivoted branding to show their purpose to support businesses and individuals.
The best marketing strategies help a company communicate purpose: who they are, what they’re about and what they can do to help their customers.

Adjusting marketing strategies

It quickly became apparent that the pandemic was going to affect us for more than just the short term.

Provide resources

The partner community requested help in digital marketing and virtual selling. Dell provided all the resources they could:
  • Thinking digital first guides
  • A guide to digital marketing excellence
  • Webcasts featuring marketers sharing best practices
  • Social selling guides

Get creative

Remember how many hours everyone is on a screen? Let’s move away from that.
Ingram Micro hired a celebrity chef to provide a cooking experience during one of their first virtual meetings with Dell, which created even more loyalty and engagement among the teams.

Keep a customer focus

It’s important to bring the customer experience to life, whether virtually or otherwise.

A few tips:

  • Don’t inundate your partners
  • Aim to be holistic, digital and frictionless
  • Listen to what your customers are sharing

Where is technology going in the next year?

Cheryl: Digital transformation in marketing will allow the business to listen and analyze customer needs in real time.
Jen: Technology will give businesses a truly competitive advantage—and thus will be marketed beyond IT to the C-Suite and other leaders in the org.
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