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Diverse experience brings fresh perspective in technology

July 28, 2021

Diverse experience brings fresh perspective in technology
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Join Harpreet Narang in this B2B Tech Talk: Coffee with Women in Tech edition, as she sits down with Kelly Humpleby, Marketing Director for Bespoke-xyz, and Ingram Micro Trust X Alliance member to talk about her interesting career journey. She has worked in multiple industries, landed in technology and started working for a small business. All this experience has helped her grow as a marketing director in technology.
Some other things that were discussed:
  • Tips and resources to learn quickly once you land in technology
  • Importance of networking and opportunities for women in technology
  • Work-life balance and flexibility
“There is a huge difference between doing many things and doing things of quality that will make a difference.” -Kelly Humpleby
Pulling together large plans and planning long term is great, but technology is constantly changing. As someone in this industry, you need to be OK with not checking everything off of your list because your list needs to stay flexible to keep up with the changes. There are so many ideas and opportunities as long as you’re willing to move with the fast-paced nature.
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