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Discover the security your business can achieve with an MSSP and SOC on B2B Tech Talk.

Stephan Tallent discusses how a managed security service provider can help your business.

October 04, 2019

Discover the security your business can achieve with an MSSP and SOC on B2B Tech Talk.
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The MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers) market is predicted to hit $31.9 billion by the end of 2019.
With such substantial market growth, it can be challenging to determine when to upgrade your cybersecurity plan.
Stephan Tallent, the Senior Director of MSSP & Service Enablement at Fortinet, shares that the sooner a company can implement an MSSP strategy, the more dollars it’ll save. Therefore, he suggests upgrading before cybercriminals target a vulnerability in your system.

Why an MSSP?

A managed security service provider is necessary for optimal security for you and your partners.
The changing cybersecurity environment warrants the best, most proactive security measures. As technology evolves at lightning speeds, the tactics bad actors use are developing just as quickly.
"Businesses are challenged with securing an environment that is changing dramatically.” - Stephan Tallent
Reasons to consider an MSSP include:
  • The number of devices connected to your network is increasing. Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, the HVAC system, even the refrigerator—we have a plethora of devices interdependent on our networks. More devices mean more potential vulnerabilities.
  • You’re transitioning to a hybrid storage strategy. Whether you store your data in-house and are planning to migrate to the public cloud or vice versa, Stephan advises looking into an MSSP.
  • Even small to mid-sized businesses can become victims of cyberattacks. The New York Times reports that over 50% of cyberattacks target small or mid-sized companies.

What’s an SOC?

A security operation center is necessary to keep an eye on the security infrastructure storing your data through an MSSP.
Enabling the SOC feature of your MSSP plan will mitigate threats to you and your customers’ information. The SOC is essentially the eyes and ears of the managed security service provider. It monitors an organization’s security posture on a consistent basis.
Stephan explains that the SOC is meant to help the end customer move up in security sophistication. This type of upgrade could consist of:
—Transitioning from an outsourced infrastructure to an in-house one
—Moving from a mature MSSP to a visionary MSSP
An SOC is a critical function that MSSPs deliver to a customer.” - Stephan Tallent

The future of technology

Stephan sees the future of tech moving even more towards subscription-based models. He believes the recurring revenue model will simplify consumption and help make technology more available to everyone.
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