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Device integration within retail and capturing the point of decision with Joe Hasenzahl

June 27, 2022

Device integration within retail and capturing the point of decision with Joe Hasenzahl
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Transportable electronics are entering the retail and hospitality space in droves, and Samsung is at the helm of that transition.
Delivering high-quality devices is only half the battle. There needs to be an understanding of specific use cases to gain the highest value from adopting devices within the retail workflow.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Joe Hasenzahl, director of Sales - Retail at Samsung Electronics America, about:
  • Use cases of transportable electronics in retail
  • Point of decision vs. point of sale
  • Integrating technology into workflows

Use cases of transportable electronics in retail

Workflows are evolving to encompass devices like never before. Joe categorizes these integrations in three sizes: small for the casual associate, medium for more consistent customer-facing associates and larger screens for more stationary associates dealing with details.
Use cases fluctuate based on the nature of the business. However, some examples of devices improving retail workflows look like:
  • Item location
  • Training materials
  • Walkie-talkie features
  • Corporate communication
 “If it's a mobile phone form factor, then it's going to predominantly be associate-facing tools,” Joe explains.

Point of decision vs. point of sale

There is no such thing as a good customer experience coming out of a negative associate interaction. A good associate experience equals a positive customer experience.
Historically, the most pivotal time within an associate/customer interaction has been the point of sale—typically at the register. Nowadays, the goal is to reach customers at the point of decision and make that the new point of sale.
“Retailers are recognizing that Android enterprise is the best place for mobile point of sale tools,” Joe points out.
With a device, associates can launch a point of sale, use a camera-based scanner to capture barcodes and take a contactless payment right when the customer decides to purchase an item. This aspect captures the momentum of consumer intent.

Integrating technology into workflows

The time of siloed technology is fading. Joe sees a future of seamless device integration into retail and hospitality workflows for improved service and training.
“If you think about it, waiting on a table is a workflow,” Joe says, “We should mirror the user interface and guide a new server through that workflow with the most likely choices displayed on the phone.”
Sophisticated machine learning can revolutionize training for something like table waiting and, from there, create an environment that reduces churn and sets servers up for success.
Adopting devices within workflows makes that future possible.
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