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Developing verified solutions and versatile devices with Eric Hilton

August 17, 2022

Developing verified solutions and versatile devices with Eric Hilton
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High-value solutions don’t drop out of the sky fully formed. At Zebra Technologies, they understand what it takes to craft impactful devices built for confirmed pain points and challenges.
From the public sector to healthcare, there’s no shortage of problems to solve and workflows to improve.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Eric Hilton, regional portfolio manager - North America at Zebra Technologies, about:
  • Impacts on the public sector
  • The value of Zebra Technologies in healthcare
  • Developing versatile solutions

Impacts on the public sector

Zebra Technologies is diligently investing in opportunities to support the public health sector through convenient solutions and devices.
Within the public sector, tablets reign supreme. “Think of a device mounted in a police cruiser, an ambulance or utility truck—all of those public sector-type devices. These are CAD devices,” Eric explains.
These dispatch-level devices are where police officers, utility workers and EMTs receive critical dispatch information in their day-to-day work. They require top-tier, consistent performances for successful adoption.
“It's important to note that the public sector is still very heavily rooted in a full-blown Windows 10 for Microsoft operating system because that's where a lot of those applications are still developed,” he continues.
This truth propelled Zebra Technologies to expand their Windows-based portfolio of devices and avoid ostracizing industries still tightly tied to Microsoft Windows platforms.

The value of Zebra Technologies in healthcare

Much like the public sector, healthcare requires unique solutions. There are two main stories in healthcare regarding devices:
  • Clinical personnel use
  • Patient use
 “We talk about clinicians holding devices and using those devices to access a patient's medical records or care plan,” Eric explains.
Healthcare facilities tend to sway toward Android devices, and with that in mind, Zebra makes it a priority to offer multiple choices across operating systems. “Ultimately, our customers are looking for the option to choose, and the ability to choose the right device for their workflows,” he continues.
Another workflow in healthcare centers around patient use, in the form of a mobile device mounted at the bedside for ordering meals, checking their schedule, or even connecting with family who are out of town or unable to visit in person.

Developing versatile solutions

Crafting solutions that pass the test of time means diligent, intentional research and studies around workflows, expectations and challenges.
“Zebra never develops a new device in a silo,” Eric points out. “We always develop with lots and lots of feedback from various partners and customers and software providers to ensure that we come to our customers with the right solution.”
With a focus on validated solutions, Zebra is in a prime position to improve the workflows and reduce daily strife across multiple industries.
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