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Developing faster, better, smaller products with Jay and Gabby

October 06, 2022

Developing faster, better, smaller products with Jay and Gabby
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People are traveling again and using more equipment than ever—and the trend of smaller, better, faster technology marches on to meet those needs.
From durability to variety to customer service, ZAGG is paving the way for higher quality tech accessories and hassle-free use, wherever, whenever.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Jay Wozniak, B2B sales manager at ZAGG, and Gabby Albert, solutions specialist at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Developing medical-grade technology
  • Cutting-edge glass protector designs for every need
  • Gan products and travel-friendly adaptors

Developing medical-grade technology

ZAGG products meet higher standards than most devices due to their partnerships with one of the most demanding atmospheres in any market—hospitals.
There are strict requirements for a product to survive in a hospital, and in the case of the newest medical-grade keypad built for iPads, it had to meet the following criteria:
  • Washability—ZAGG tested this keyboard with over 40 different cleaning solutions
  • Spill-proof—there are two holes in the back of the item to allow for drainage
  • Detachability—beyond being detachable, this keyboard can survive up to a 6.6-foot drop

Cutting-edge glass protector designs for every need

With the 14th iPhone release hitting the scene, so come the waves of accessories. It can be a trick to weed out the products worth the investment and which ones will break after a week of regular use.
ZAGG boasts a rich library of glass protectors from Glass Elite to Vision Guard—for those harsh blue lights—and even supplies a matching case.
“We just introduced a new brand,” Jay shares, “It's our highest quality. It's a color XTR2 screen protector which is anti-dust, has touch sensitivity, full-screen coverage, is antimicrobial and includes a 100% warranty.”
With ZAGG, there’s a screen protector for every occasion and then some, and you get direct access to experts for questions, concerns and top-tier service.

Gan products and travel-friendly adaptors

On the Mo-phe side of innovation, there’s an up-in-coming material that eliminates the struggle of overheating power banks.
Gan—gallium nitride—is the new kid on the block and replaces the regular silicon on chargers.
“What's great about the material is that it doesn't conduct heat as much as old adapters did,” Gabby shares, “You can plug in higher power items, and it's not getting as hot, so you can use it for longer, and you're not using as much electricity.”
Another perk of Mo-phe’s adapters is the size. Ideal for travel—where every ounce matters—and with multiple plugs in one power block for versatility.
“You can use multiple chargers at once, and it eliminates the bulkiness you see in old laptop chargers,” Gabby continues.
Mo-phe and ZAGG are spearheading the charge for “smaller, better, faster” and developing the technology of the future.
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