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Defining observability and enabling insightful decisions with Steve Bek

September 01, 2022

Defining observability and enabling insightful decisions with Steve Bek
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Observability has become a popular descriptor, but what does it mean and why does it matter? Further, how can you leverage observability throughout your operations?
Application Performance Management (APM) is only part of the puzzle—IBM Instana takes a unique approach that answers common pain points in application management.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Steve Bek, IBM Instana sales leader - Americas at IBM, about:
  • Defining authentic observability
  • How Instana hones in on root causes
  • Instana use cases and success stories

Defining authentic observability

If you were to look at an internet search on observability, anybody who's ever had a monitoring solution is now calling their product an observability solution. What does that mean?
“It's [observability] going to be the next generation of APM,” Steve explains. “An APM solution isn't automatically an observability solution.”
Observability is the practice of instrumenting your services and applications to accurately collect not only what the errors are in your environment, but also to tell you why they occurred.
“APM was a simplistic way to monitor applications. The applications ran on servers and virtual machines. It was legacy monitoring,” Steve continues. APM monitoring, though simplistic in use, is a bear to set up.
Instana answers that challenge by providing next-level monitoring software.

How Instana hones in on root causes

A missing link in traditional APM solutions is more sophisticated automation, with most programs requiring regular manual attention.
That’s where Instana comes in. “What it does is gives us an ability to collect metrics at one-second granularity—that's unique in the industry,” Steve shares. “We're also going to collect every single trace of every request across your environment without sampling.”
Instana also boasts the following:
  • Tying in log messages
  • Profiling multiple processes across your environment
  • Bringing relevant information into clear context
This level of operations allows you to make insightful, immediate decisions on any arising problems inside your environment—saving time, headaches and guesswork.
How does Instana deliver measurable business outcomes?
  1. Reducing risk by improving application availability and quicker resolution of incidents
  2. Increasing revenue by increased deployment frequency and optimizing infrastructure spend
  3. Increasing operational efficiency and fostering a DevSecOps culture

Instana use cases and success stories

Almost no environment benefits more from simplicity than a startup, and it’s no surprise that young companies are early adopters of the Instana solution.
“The gap that they've got is generally around monitoring. And so, Instana, with its ability to collect metrics at one-second granularity, helps them determine if the code that they're pushing out works or not, relatively quickly,” Steve explains.
Instana allows you to trace your web application and your customer-facing application through your distributed environment, all the way through your mainframe, enabling you to pinpoint where the errors are.
A notable success story comes from convincing a lead to switch from a top competitor to Instana after a single workflow demonstration. That’s the power of a comprehensive solution.
Reach out to your Ingram Micro representative today to learn more about IBM Instana.
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