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Cyber recovery and data protection: Why everybody needs a vault

December 15, 2021

Cyber recovery and data protection: Why everybody needs a vault
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To date, over a third of organizations have been hacked. As a result of the shocking prevalence of cyberattacks, cyber recovery and data protection are top of mind for the vast majority of executives.
Is your organization prepared to deal with this clear and imminent threat?
Shelby Skrhak talks with Mark Beaton, senior director for data protection solutions at Dell Technologies, about:

  • How Dell and Ingram Micro are helping customers prepare
  • Dell’s strategy to create differentiation in the market
  • Cyber recovery best practices

Helping customers prepare

Cyberattacks are a very serious issue and traditional solutions simply aren’t effective at mitigating them.
“Ransomware requires a completely different architecture to protect our companies,” Mark says.
Dell has stepped up to the challenge with their Dell Cyber Vault offering.
The Dell Cyber Vault provides value to customers in four ways:
  • Isolated: It uses air-gap technology, which means it’s off network, there’s no IP address and it’s undetectable by production systems.
  • Immutable: It can’t be changed or modified.
  • Intelligent: It uses AI and ML to scan and detect anomalies before they even enter the vault.
  • Insiders: It prohibits insiders from tampering with anything.
 According to Mark, “Every company needs a vault.”
That’s where Ingram Micro comes in. With their vast network of partners, Ingram Micro can play a pivotal role in ensuring every company gets one.
The value propositions are there for resellers.
The solution is feasible, scalable and partners don’t even need to have a data protection practice in place to sell the solution. Plus, Dell offers a suite of services to augment offerings.


The Dell Cyber Vault goes far beyond what competitors are offering.
  • It’s the only solution that can be used in the Sheltered Harbor Consortium
  • It is backup-software-agnostic
  • It holds pending patents that aim to improve resiliency even further
  • It offers a cyber assessment to customers
  • It is sold in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, which means you can use AWS credits to purchase it

Cyber recovery best practices

With 16 years of experience in data protection, Mark has amassed a mountain of best practices in cyber recovery.
  • Lead with cyber recovery solutions because it’s easier to pivot to a different solution than the other way around
  • Include security people in discussions
  • Provide testimonials on the efficacy of the Dell Cyber Vault
  • Use Dell’s cyber assessment tool to assess your cyber resiliency
  • Leverage the assistance of Dell’s data protection specialists
 For more information, contact Alex Holler (alexander.holler@ingrammicro.com) or visit Cyber Data Recovery Software and Solutions.
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