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Customer experience: How Ingram Micro is helping you transform your strategy

March 16, 2022

Customer experience: How Ingram Micro is helping you transform your strategy
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Customer experience (CX) is integral to meeting your customers’ needs, overcoming adoption barriers and, ultimately, boosting your bottom line.
Are you looking to level up this aspect of your business?
Rita Richa talks with Chris Blackwell, senior partner success manager, and Evan Main, partner success manager, both with Ingram Micro, about:
  • The real meaning of CX and lifecycle management
  • How to transform the realm of CX in this industry
  • How Ingram Micro and Cisco help partners with their CX strategy

CX and lifecycle management

What exactly is CX and lifecycle management?
According to Evan, “it’s really just the business motion around ensuring customers are getting what they need out of the solution that they purchased.”
As software solutions become more robust with a multitude of features built into them, CX ensures that customers understand how the solution meets their individual needs. It’s a way to develop the customer relationship throughout the lifecycle of the solution.
According to Chris, it’s all about focusing on the business outcomes of your customers.
“We’re no longer just selling a solution,” he says. “We have to sell them business outcomes, and the business outcome is why your customer is purchasing the solution.”
Once you understand what their business outcome is, you can help them integrate the software within the very fabric of their workflows. When that happens, you’ve gained a customer for life.

Transforming CX

Transformation starts with identifying the resources you already have. Many companies have some semblance of CX within their organization. It just comes down to building a structure around the discipline.
That’s one place where a company like Cisco can help.
“They’ve developed solid strategies—and Ingram has as well—around how we’re going to approach that, and put structure around how they can build that out,” Evan says.

What Ingram Micro and Cisco offer

In customer success, it’s not one size fits all. There is, however, one universal truth: It has to be a top-down approach.
In fact, when partners apply for the customer experience specialization that Cisco offers, they have to list who their C-suite sponsor is because Cisco understands the importance of the top-down approach.
Cisco is putting a lot of resources into developing CX practices, and they are relying on partners like Ingram Micro to ensure that customers understand how to implement CX in their own business.
Chris and Evan are part of the team that does that. One of the strategies they use is a CX practice-builder workshop. Within the workshop, they explain what CX looks like through the Cisco lens and address any concerns the C-suite may have.
Plus, the team also works with individual sales teams to explain the concept of business outcomes.
“They are transforming their sales teams,” Chris says. “They are really thinking about how they can be a part of the overall CX process.”
Email Chris, Evan or the Cisco CX team for more information
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