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CXaaS: Customer Experience as a Service

June 11, 2021

CXaaS: Customer Experience as a Service
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In an increasingly “as a service” world, partners are relying more and more on renewals and upsell opportunities across the lifecycle of the initial sale. But for many companies, the upfront costs required to build an in-house CX practice remain prohibitive.
That’s why Ingram Micro and Cisco created CX as a service.
Host Shelby Skrhak speaks with Nicole Dziedzic, Senior Vendor Business Manager at Ingram Micro, and Peter Graber, Executive Director Advanced Solutions, Cisco, about:

  • Trends in the CX market
  • What the Cisco unit is doing around CX
  • The value created from CXaaS

Trends in the CX market

“What we’re seeing in the space is that there really is a need to have a proactive customer experience practice,” says Nicole, “something that’s really put in place to help propel your company forward.”
It’s happening not just within the tech market, but across all industries.
Consumers are demanding more recurring, predictable and flexible ways to buy. As a result of this, more and more vendors are moving into an “as a service” or recurring model.
“That lends itself to a predictable revenue stream which is great,” says Peter, “but it only happens if the renewal is captured.”
Vendors need to show value in order to get the renewal and that means customer experience is more important than ever.
“Customers want to feel valued and looked after throughout the journey,” Nicole says, “and what’s going to make the difference is a great customer experience.”

CX and the Cisco business unit

As we’ve established, partners rely on the renewal and other upsell opportunities to be successful in an “as a service” model. But for many organizations, setting up a CX practice to handle that is a big ask. So, the Cisco business unit stepped in to offer CXaaS to fill the gap.
“The service is going to provide our partners with the ability to provide CX services and value throughout the lifecycle of their opportunity without the upfront costs or the investments necessary to create their own CX practice,” Peter says.

Value created from CXaaS

The CXaaS initiative provides partners value in two ways. First, it offers scale to the partner community. Secondly, it leads to a faster ROI.
“By offering our resources, our resellers, we are ensuring that the sale after the sale is properly handled, that they can create that customer for life, and they can deliver the value and they can realize the ROI much quicker,” says Nicole.
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