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Current and upcoming offerings in the cloud marketplace

September 16, 2021

Current and upcoming offerings in the cloud marketplace
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A recent study found that 80% of partners expect to expand their cloud offerings in the coming year.
In today’s landscape, cloud is a part of every customer’s business—and if it’s not, it should be.
What’s new in the cloud marketplace? And what’s on the horizon?
In the latest installment of our As the Gears Turn series, Patrick Cash and Devaughn Bittle speak with Kevin Lawless, director of Customer Success at Ingram Micro Cloud, about:
  • Cloud trends
  • Why customer success is important
  • What’s new in the marketplace and what’s coming
  • How Ingram Micro helps partners finance cloud deals

Cloud trends

From a technology perspective, different ways of collaborating are flourishing.
Also, security is still very much in the spotlight. As major corporations continue to experience cyberattacks, the need for additional security layers will grow.
Finally, the infrastructure-as-a-service market is exploding and will continue to grow exponentially into the future.
On the business side, providing multiple points of value to your customers will become increasingly important. It will be the key to customer retention.

Customer success

In an as-a-service world, customer experience becomes even more essential.
Whereas before the customer experience started with the sales cycle and ended when the product landed on the doorstep, now, the customer experience extends throughout the entire life of the subscription.
“Assuming monthly subscriptions are getting invoiced monthly, each customer has the opportunity to question the value they’re being provided as they cut that check or send that credit card over,” Kevin says.
As a result, resellers need to focus on the consumption of the product and become overly attentive to the lifecycle of the entire customer experience.
The cost of acquiring a customer is 5x that of selling into your existing customer base. Furthermore, the fact that 80% of partners want to expand cloud offerings only amplifies the need for customer retention.

The cloud marketplace

What’s there already?
  • The Go-to-Market Hub - an on-demand professional marketing engine
  • White-Label Marketplace - offer a personalized portal or management console to customers
  • Marketplace as a service - enjoy your own dedicated marketplace with your own services and plug into the commercial line card from Ingram Micro
What’s new and upcoming?
  • Native integrations with the most popular PSA tools
  • Marketplace APIs
  • CloudBlue Rev - enables partners to manage channel revenues with integrated quoting, provisioning, invoices and automated reconciliation across not just cloud, but also hardware and software
  • CloudBlue PSA - enables full visibility into customers and profitability under a single pane of glass

Financing solutions

Ingram Micro helps customers with long-term growth strategies as well as granular opportunities.
Don’t say no to any opportunities. Bring them to Ingram Micro and allow them to come up with a beneficial solution for everyone.
Learn more about marketplace as a service.