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Use these strategies and applications to cultivate company culture

March 11, 2021

Use these strategies and applications to cultivate company culture
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As business owners we’re constantly thinking about so many different issues that affect our business.
One of the top concerns for many organizations is company culture. 
As leaders, we want to encourage and equip our employees and our clients to help each other, to grow and to be better at what they do. How can we best do that?
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, As The Gears Turn edition, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash are joined by James Rocker, CEO at Nerds That Care, an IT support and cybersecurity services company, to talk about applications and strategies that can help build company culture.
What they discussed:
  • How to use SharePoint hub sites to build culture
  • How to use the Office 365 ecosystem to encourage engagement
  • How to use the SMB Alliance to grow your business
  • The future of technology

What makes up company culture?

Building culture comes from your CEO and how they enact their values and vision. For Nerds That Care, their value is in the name … caring. They recognize that when employees feel they’re in a caring environment, a company will have higher employee health and better customer service.
Culture is not only an attitude in the company—it’s also perception about how dedicated and helpful a service provider is. Another Nerds That Care core value is urgency. As an IT solutions provider, they’re in the business of solving problems. Teaching employees to deal with issues in a timely manner eases the anxiety level of the customer, and having an urgent responsiveness is a way to show customers that your company cares.

Using SharePoint hub sites to build culture

The SharePoint hub site in Microsoft Teams is one of the most beneficial tools for companies to take advantage of right now. The hub site is simply an internal internet site for your existing people; essentially, it’s a tool where you get your entire company living in one spot. It connects to your Microsoft Teams, your files and other applications. Building processes around the place where you update employees and showcase company values is another element of building culture.

Using the Office 365 ecosystem to encourage engagement 

Another tool in the Office 365 ecosystem that is underutilized is Microsoft Bookings, a scheduling application that lets you see your customers’/vendors’ availability. Tech companies that have an expertise in Bookings have an edge over their competition.
Another valuable tool is Microsoft Stream, which saves your video trainings in one place. The application allows you to record a video, store it and then list your Stream channel on your SharePoint hub page, so when your employees go to the SharePoint page they can see what training they may have missed. That engagement contributes to building your culture.

Using the SMB Alliance to grow your business

Nerds That Care won awards in 2019 after joining the SMB Alliance the previous year. Their cloud business grew 93% that year, a growth they attribute to a combination of their hard-working employees and the benefits they received from the SMB Alliance.

The future of technology

The biggest shift we’ll see in software in the next year will be in the Office 365 world. For Nerds That Care, taking advantage of that looks like working to not only deploy SharePoint to organizations but also to deploy a phone system within Microsoft Teams. With AI built into it and a bit of machine learning, utilizing Office 365 will be a real game changer for organizations.