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CRM optimization with Trust X Alliance

April 13, 2020

CRM optimization with Trust X Alliance
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Trust X Alliance is about community and helping each other when times get tough.
One of the services Trust X partners can count on is CRM (customer retention management) optimization for their customers.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri chats with Peter Wolf, the president of Azamba Consulting Group.

They discuss:

  • The benefits of implementing and customizing a CRM system
  • Recommended CRM systems for partners to look into
  • How the CRM has helped Peter’s team achieve a 90% retention rate
"The Trust X program is one of my favorite networking groups I belong to. It's some of the top partners at Ingram Micro getting together to discuss the needs of their customers, the needs of the vendors, and the needs of their own businesses." — Peter Wolf

Customizing your customer’s CRM

At its core, the CRM system is a 360-degree view of your customer base. You can see pretty much everything happening from sales to marketing to customer success.
However, many teams still have a need for customizing their CRM. There are generally two ways your customers can do this: 
  1. Third-party packaged solutions
  2. Develop their own solutions
Both methods can be effective tools for achieving goals via the CRM.

How Trust X Alliance helps

Being part of Ingram Micro’s Trust X Alliance helps partners meet their customers’ needs faster and more completely.
Joining the Trust X Alliance gives you access to all the knowledge, experience and resources of all the members. Plus, it means you can make some extra revenue by offering your specialty services.
Partners like Azamba help other members efficiently customize their customers’ CRM systems. This can considerably broaden the spectrum of services you offer them.
In times of uncertainty, it helps to be part of a community that has your back.
To connect with Peter, email him at pwolf@azamba.com or call 888.724.3999
Click here to learn more about Trust X Alliance.

Resources mentioned in this episode include Trust X Alliance, Azamba, Sage CRM, and Microsoft 365.