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Creating the mall of tomorrow today

January 18, 2022

Creating the mall of tomorrow today
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When you think of NETGEAR, you probably think of switches and routers, right? And you’d be correct in your assumptions that NETGEAR is really good at those things. In fact, they’re entering their 26th year in business and have made a name for themselves.
Which is why it may surprise you that one of the most monumental feats of modern pro AV engineering has NETGEAR at the very center.
On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Shelby Skrhak chats with John Henkel, product marketing manager at NETGEAR, about how they’re changing the pro AV game, and why they’re so much more than just switches and routers.
Some things they talked about:
  • How NETGEAR pulled off pro AV services for one of the largest entertainment complexes in the country
  • Why folks are choosing NETGEAR for AV over IP
  • How they handled a remote installation
  • Where technology is going in the next year

The mall of the future

Picture a mall.

But not the one you’re thinking of. A mall with a water park, an indoor ski slope, a theme park and over 3 million square feet of retail space.
This is what the American Dream mall in New Jersey is all about. And when it came time to contract the pro AV for the entire facility, the developers went with a name that we all recognize.

But why NETGEAR?

Why NETGEAR for AV over IP

While a company known for routers and switches may seem like an odd choice, they’re actually uniquely positioned to make a name for themselves in the pro AV space. They’ve been around for 26 years, and have gotten pretty good at what they do.
Because they’re making products that are specifically engineered for AV over IP. And with pro AV engineering teams stationed across the world, help is never more than an email away at any given time.

Handling remote installation

As you can imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic made the installation of a project of this scope a little difficult. With so many shopping malls shutting down, how would this work?
Thankfully, the installers on site were able to make it work. By connecting and downloading configuration files from a switch, they could talk about it, figure it out and then install. And on the NETGEAR side, they could load their configuration files remotely, sending them back and forth without ever having to be on site.
If anybody could figure out a way to make this work, NETGEAR could.
So what other services are available, and what should you be looking for if you’re in the pro AV space? How can NETGEAR help?

Listen to the entire episode, then visit netgear.com/proav for more information.
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