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Consumer-focused adaptation and product differentiation with Jay Wozniak

August 01, 2022

Consumer-focused adaptation and product differentiation with Jay Wozniak
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From power solutions to phone cases, ZAGG strives to be a one-stop shop for consumers. That goal becomes a reality with the support of Ingram Micro, opening the doors for ZAGG to reach 20,000 different types of customers.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Jay Wozniak, B2B sales manager at ZAGG, Inc., about:
  • The four branches of ZAGG
  • Adapting mobile accessories for hospital use
  • How ZAGG differentiates from competitors

The four branches of ZAGG

ZAGG has four core companies that focus on providing an all-in-one experience for consumers:
  • ZAGG
  • InvisibleShield
  • Mophie
  • Gear4
 Each company provides a different aspect of mobile accessories, including laptop cases, phone cases and power banks.
“When I wake up every morning, I think of those four brands and how we can provide solutions to the resellers and the end users,” Jay shares.
With end users at the forefront, ZAGG adapts to consumer needs promptly.

Adapting mobile accessories for hospital use

One such adaptation comes in the form of power banks for hospitals. In the rush and buzz of the medical field, healthcare workers are unlikely to have the opportunity to plug their phone into a charger at an outlet.
That’s where Mophie comes in.
“If it's [the power bank] over the phone, and you hit a button, it charges your phone up to 27 hours,” Jay explains. “All the surgeries being done that have been on the backplate, the staff and everybody are using these for their own in-house software 24/7.”
Major hospitals across the U.S. are using these power banks and discovering a top-notch solution to pain points around mobile use in hospitals and healthcare at home.
ZAGG adapted to this use case by making their products antimicrobial.

How ZAGG differentiates from competitors

ZAGG offers many different models for screens—glass elite, anti-glare, blue light filters, privacy glass and more—so there’s something for everyone.
“The other thing is our warranty. We have a lifetime warranty on our glass and a two-year warranty on our Mophie products,” Jay explains. “And we also have a lifetime warranty on our cases, which I don't think too many people know about.”
These offerings serve as strong differentiators in the market and set ZAGG up for success in the coming waves of mobile trends.
“There's gonna be more devices in healthcare and medical. The places are booming. As the population gets older, they are going to need portable antimicrobial devices. I see more hospitals being built today, and I see that as a huge opportunity,” Jay shares.
ZAGG is poised to solve consumer pain points across U.S. hospitals and beyond through consumer-first initiatives.
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