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Cloud solutions for point of sale

May 11, 2022

Cloud solutions for point of sale
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Point of sale (POS) devices are moving to the cloud. Are you looking for a solution that makes it easier to offer incredible POS experiences for the modern cloud-based retail and restaurant world we live in today?
Shelby Skrhak talks with Brianna Moriarty, partner development manager at Star Micronics, about:
  • The evolution of the Star Micronics product portfolio
  • The emergence of mobile point of sale (mPOS)
  • CloudPRNT

Star Micronics

Most people might know Star Micronics as a manufacturer of receipt printers, but over the last few years, the company has expanded their product portfolio to provide a full POS hardware solution.
“That includes cash drawers, tablet stands, scales, barcode scanners, mobile and kiosk printers,” Brianna says. “Pretty much everything that you need to run a transaction.”
With that new focus came a shift toward a more software-focused mindset.
“When we develop new products, we are listening to our software partners,” Brianna says, “what their needs are in the ever-changing landscape of retail and restaurant transactions as a whole.”
It is those ISV partners, or independent software vendors, that really drive the direction of the business. That’s why Star Micronics released the POS hardware solution—to make product integration easier for ISVs and enable the best POS solution for our modern cloud-based world.

Mobile POS

“When we talk about mobile POS,” Brianna says, “we really are referring to any POS system that can be run on a mobile device, whether that’s your phone, a tablet, anything that can operate off a modern cloud-based system.”
People think about mobile POS in two ways:
  • A tablet-based POS system
  • A system where transactions can be completed in aisle, curbside or offsite like at a street fair
 Wherever and however it is used, it’s a cost-effective solution that enables the user to operate their POS and their inventory on the cloud, all in one place.
Plus, mobile POS is SaaS-based, meaning ISPs are selling software through a subscription. No more expensive licensing fees. The cost of the solution can be spread over a longer period of time.
Mobile POS makes the omnichannel experience possible, a must-have in today’s buy online, pick up in store landscape.
And with mobile POS, downtime becomes a thing of the past. The customer gets a smooth experience because there is no downtime when you’re operating in the cloud.


CloudPRNT enables end users to manage their orders through the cloud.
“If you place an order from your phone or online, instead of it having to go to a tablet, be accepted by the employee (whether they’re right at the tablet ready to accept the order or busy doing something else), that order is going to go through automatically,” Brianna says.
It’s a huge innovation for online ordering spaces like restaurants and retail, as well as for places where a customer might need to schedule something, like spas, salons and fitness centers.
Email Kelly Tryloff, visit Star Micronics or listen to the Rising Star Podcast for more information.
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