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Cisco Mailbox Defense: Email security for SMBs

September 17, 2020

Cisco Mailbox Defense: Email security for SMBs
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Your customers have worked hard to migrate their mailboxes to Office 365 from on-premise servers.
Don’t let all that hard work go to waste by settling for basic security. Phishing attacks are up 600% for goodness’ sake!
In this episode, Keri talks email security for SMBs with Ingram Micro’s Cisco solution experts Tom Mann, Collin Rauen and Kevin Switzer. Learn about…
  • The top 4 email security threats SMBs are facing
  • Why Cisco’s Cloud Mailbox Defense is the best choice for Office 365 users
  • How different devices affect mailbox security
  • How email security will change within the next year
"Email threats have become much more sophisticated lately and they continue to do so at a rapid pace." — Kevin Switzer

The #1 security threat

It’s no surprise that email has become the top avenue for cybercriminals to access sensitive information. These bad actors are no longer focused on healthcare systems, however.
They’re targeting your SMB customers.
With more employees working from home and other potentially unsecured locations, they have become a company’s biggest vulnerability. Therefore, the standard email security layer isn’t going to cut it anymore.
"Since March, there has been a 600% increase in phishing attacks." — Kevin Switzer

Mailbox security vs. the bad guys

There are four main types of phishing attacks that criminal groups are using to break into networks. Those are:
  1. Sophisticated email attacks
  2. Links to exploit kits
  3. Business email compromises (the emails that look like they’re coming from your boss)
Last but not least, the most commonly used phishing attack is credential phishing: obtaining credentials from a business’s employee to perform more criminal acts.
Your customers need an extra layer of security to dodge these threats. Although many enterprises have implemented Cloud Email Security (CES), there’s a better-suited answer for SMBs — Cisco’s Cloud Mailbox Defense.
If you’re…
  • Less than 100 employees
  • Using Office 365
  • Checking emails on multiple devices
  • In need of a quick setup
  • Prioritizing innovated security
Cloud Mailbox Defense is your best bet!

The future of email security

As we’ve seen, criminals aren’t going to stop getting sophisticated and sneakier. That’s why Collin says it’s important to continue using Cisco’s world-renowned solutions, like Cisco Umbrella, for instance.
Additionally, Tom reassures partners and customers that Cloud Mailbox Defense—along with all of Cisco’s security solutions—is continually updated to stay ahead of criminal activities. And, in the coming year, Cloud Mailbox Defense will be available for G Suite users.
Kevin points out that while scammers may continue getting more sophisticated, using SecureX will make cybersecurity for your business stronger and simpler to manage.
Learn more about Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense, addressing cloud email infrastructure challenges, working directly with Office 365 and check out the Cisco data sheet. Find out more on Cloud Email Security.
Partners can email Collin at collin.rauen@ingrammicro.com.
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