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Changing the remote work landscape with Microsoft Surface

January 21, 2022

Changing the remote work landscape with Microsoft Surface
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In 2017, Microsoft published a blog that predicted that by the year 2020, half of the world’s workforce would be mobile and remotely deployed.
How’s that for a prediction?

And while that number is far more than half, companies are still looking for ways to keep their remote workforces engaged, secure, and feeling valued and appreciated. One of the best ways to do that is with premium devices. It also doesn’t hurt if those premium devices keep them more secure.
On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Shelby Skrhak sits down with Connor Douglass, a product marketing manager at Microsoft, for a discussion about:
  • Why the Surface makes sense on an enterprise level
  • How Microsoft is dedicated to making the Surface available for everyone
  • Three reasons why you should consider a move to Surface
  • His predictions for the future of technology

Why Surface for business?

All you have to do on any given day of the week is turn on an NFL football game to realize that Surface is here to stay.
Business customers need functional devices. It’s great to have your premium device at home, but when you go to the office, a lot of times you’re stuck with a heavy brick of a device that is hard to manage and hard to update.
Having the right device matters. Nobody likes having a five-year-old device. Customers are proud to be seen with the Surface, and when you have a premium device, you feel like your employer is invested in you—like you matter to them.
A lot of companies are using Surface as a recruiting tool, helping to recruit and retain top talent.

Why should you consider a Surface?

There are a lot of different device options available. So why should you or your company make an investment in a Surface device?

1. If you’re looking at a device refresh

A recent CIO study by Morgan Stanley found that one of the top reasons a company invests in new devices is growing teams. Employers are hiring in droves now, and they need more devices to support their growth.

2. If you’re focused on hybrid work

With the majority of the world looking at a hybrid work solution if/when they come back to the office, a portable solution makes sense. Helping companies move away from desktops and onto mobile devices is important.

3. If you’re focused on security

Everybody is focused on security right now. And Microsoft just so happens to be a security leader. With firmware exclusively built just for Surface, it provides an extra layer of security if your device is compromised or stolen.
So, is the Surface right for you? Maybe. Listen to Connor’s entire interview and decide for yourself.
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