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Capitalizing on new MPS opportunities

March 12, 2021

Capitalizing on new MPS opportunities
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Despite the cries that print is dead, this multibillion-dollar business continues to prove its profitability. As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, new verticals are becoming big opportunities for MPS. Now, the task becomes to help partners adapt.
In episode 183 of B2B Tech Talk, Travis King is joined by Paul Sin, sr. program manager of Managed Print Services at Ingram Micro, to discuss:
  • New opportunities arising for MPS
  • Printing challenges for small business
  • The MPS team’s focus this year
  • Marketing use cases for MPS

Managed Print Services (MPS): a multibillion-dollar business

There are those who claim print is dead, but the truth is there are a lot more opportunities for MPS than people realize, and it remains a business necessity.
Changes in the work environment are forcing businesses to adapt. Some have made work from home permanent, while others have turned to a hybrid model. Because of this, print and other solutions need to be built with the home office in mind.
In this changing market, adaptability and flexibility are the names of the game.

Big opportunities in new verticals

SMB is always a focus for MPS. But new verticals are presenting big opportunities.
Schools show a growing need for MPS. With some schools still operating under a hybrid model, work packets for students are being printed and sent home at a higher rate than before the pandemic.
Also, due to work-from-home policies, public workspaces are growing in popularity. Workers need to leave their homes from time to time to search for a quieter workspace or, simply, for a change of scenery.
One example of a commonly used public workspace is a library. This influx of remote workers is revealing a need for more comprehensive printing services at these locations.

Rising trust in print advertising

Though social media remains the most popular way to advertise today, there have been reports that the level of trust for social media is dropping.
At the same time, trust in print advertising is going up. In fact, it’s the most trusted form of advertising today based on some reports.
Whether it be signs, banners or stickers, print marketing is becoming a more viable way of marketing.

Entering new markets with MPS

Ingram Micro’s MPS program can help capitalize on these new opportunities. It was built with four pillars in mind.
Simple: The portal was created so that anyone could go there and quote out an MPS opportunity
Convenient: No need to build out infrastructure or incur additional costs
Flexible: Customizable offerings
Profitable: More profitable than selling transactionally
If you have any questions, email mpsorders@ingrammicro.com.
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