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Busting myths - a deep dive into HPE GreenLake

April 26, 2022

Busting myths - a deep dive into HPE GreenLake
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It used to be that if you wanted infrastructure, you would buy servers, bring them in, pay up front, overprovision yourself to death and pay for them all regardless of what you were actually using.
Thankfully, those days are over.
While cloud-based servers work for a lot of folks, it’s no secret that all workloads are not created equal. Not everybody can migrate everything to the cloud. So what do you do if you need the best of both worlds?
On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, we talk with Brian Koch and Russell Fenton, both from Ingram Micro, about HPE GreenLake: what it is, what it isn’t and some of the biggest myths that exist around this outstanding service.
We talk about:

  • Why the old model of all on-premises solutions just doesn’t work anymore
  • How to avoid overprovisioning yourself
  • Why GreenLake is more than just a lease
  • How GreenLake can help not just enterprise businesses, but small to midsize businesses as well

Out with the old, in with the new

We’ve all purchased infrastructure solutions the old way.
You buy a bunch of servers (usually far more than you need), you agree on a fixed term and monthly payment, and then they show up, get installed and you pay for them all, even if you’re only using half of them.
This was the predominant model for years until the public cloud debuted.
And the cloud was great, but the cloud had a problem. Not all workloads are the same. Maybe you're a bank or a hospital and are subject to regulations. Or maybe you just can’t have the latency issues of a cloud-based solution.
HPE GreenLake is the best of both worlds.
It delivers the performance and security of an on-premises solution with seamless cloud-like experience and consumption-based pricing.

More than a lease

Before you write GreenLake off as just another server lease, know that with the as-a-service model, they’re making the process more like a utility bill instead of a fixed monthly cost. You pay for what you use.
So if you need a four-server solution, they might deliver five, but you don’t pay anything for that fifth server until you actually use it. It allows you to grow and scale, all while saving you money every month.

Not just for enterprise

For a long time, GreenLake was viewed, probably fairly, as primarily a large enterprise solution-level product.
But they’ve made shifts and changes recently to be far more flexible and available to small and midmarket customers. By offering smaller and less expensive solutions, along with a consumption-based model, they’re enabling businesses of all sizes to scale, grow and save money.
And isn’t that what you want from your infrastructure solution?
For more information, contact HPEGreenLake@ingrammicro.com
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